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Pet Supplies "Plus" now carries Orijen Woohoo!!!

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Pet Supplies Plus now carries Orijen!!!!!!!! Both for cats and dogs, regular and six fish!!!!!!! Not only that, but Buy 12 bags, and get one free!!!!!

Now they have an AWESOME selection!!!!! I am so happy!
My store has Wellness, and Core, Evo, Innova, Chicken Soup, TOTW, Instinct, Blue Wilderness, Before Grain, Felidae and canidae.... They have now soooooooo many great choices! I was absolutely plesantely surprised!
again -

The website shows bad stuff, so don't mind it - if you have a pet supplies plus near by, go in!!!! My local one is good pet food heaven!!!
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I wish the Pet Supply Plus by my house was good - I suspect their manager just isn't the most energetic person in the world - but, every time I walk in there with good intentions of shopping, I end up walking out because the place just doesn't seem really, well, clean - at least not as sparkling clean at the nearby Petsmart & Petco. I like the food selection at Pet Supply Plus, but I just don't get a good vibe from this particular store. And, once I did buy Wellness treats there - cats turned their noses up - so back I go, receipt in hand, expecting the same return policy as Petsmart. Oops, not so much.
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The two Pet Supplies Plus stores near me always carried Orijen...that's where I go to buy it for my cats and dog.
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