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Vote for July 2009

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Thank you for all of the wonderful entries for the July Photo Contest - "The best toys in life are free" or cats in bags & boxes! Congratulations to our finalists, as determined by our site team. To make it fair, we did institute a rule that we could not vote for our own pictures. We were each allowed to vote for 10 photos, and these constitute the ones that 1/2 of us voted for. (I want to make this as transparent as possible so everyone knows this is a fair process.)

This poll will be open for 1 week. Each member can vote for one of our finalists, and you can vote for your own photo if you want to. You did not have to enter a photo to be able to vote. The top photos will be featured in a 2010 Calendar that will be offered for sale through Cafe Press at the TCS Store. The 2009 calendar can be seen here:

The top 3 will receive points (1st: 5000 points, 2nd: 2500 points, 3rd: 1000 points) and a custom signature showing the whole site that they have Mr./Ms. July on TCS! And, of course, bragging rights. The winner will also have a 2010 TCS Calendar that will go on sale later this year sent to them!

The photos will appear in the next post, in alphabetical order.
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Mischief, Itty Bitty & Trouble

Wellington & Persil bet on how long it will take to get Napoleon out of the bag.





Xander & Riley
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Congrats you all!
I had to vote for Rosie.... After all, she is begging for it!!! Look at face - you can hear her asking!!
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That was a tough one!!!!!!! Loved all the pics!
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This is really a tough decision. They are all so good. I'll have to look them over one more time before voting. Best of luck to all!!
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Good luck everyone
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Great pictures everyone, but of course I have to vote for my boys
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I voted for Nikita. I love the action shot!
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It was a hard choice but I had to go for Gizmo- I love the expression of kitties when they are hunting
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1/2 way through the voting period and a VERY close vote!
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This is the hardest contest yet, but there is just something about Gizmo's eyes that made me vote for him.
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Time to make up your mind! 24 hours (and a few odd minutes ) until the polls close!
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Shareena is slipping. I was really hoping one of my babies would get first place some time. It's a good thing Shareena made it into the finals,though. I would have had a really hard time choosing otherwise.
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done my vote!... good luck to every one!,.,...
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Congratulations to our winners in a VERY close vote!

1st place: Gizmo by Christalligator
2nd place: Shareena by GoldyCat
3rd place TIE: Delilah by zoeysmom AND Mischief, Itty Bitty & Trouble by proudmamiof4

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Congratulations everyone!
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Finally! Sorry for the long delay!!!

Here are the signatures for our winners

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Yay! The sigs are FAB!
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Love the new signatures.
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