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The funny story thread

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This is a true story that happened to a supervisor at my job. She is retired now, but I still think of her often...she had a great sense of humor. I hope you'll share a story of your own if you have the time....

My friend worked at the prison for over 20 years. She had met countless inmates during that time. Fairly often, former inmates would walk up to say "hello" while she was dining out or shopping. Of course, it was impossible to remember everyone, but she didn't want to appear rude. So, she would smile and say "I know your face, but I don't remember your name."

One day, she noticed a bearded man staring at her in a convenience store. He looked vaguely familiar. Sure enough, he walked up and stood next to her. "I thought that was you," he said.

She was just about to say "I know your face, but I don't remember your name." Then she realized: it was her ex-husband! She didn't recognize him with a beard!
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That is a funny story, and not how I expected it to end!
I'm gonna do some thinking and get back to ya all......
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I got a funny story. It's not true or anything but it's good for a laugh.

There's a magician on a cruise ship. The captain loves to watch the show and would not miss it. However, the captain has a parrot who sits on his shoulder and goes everywhere with the captain. After seeing the show so many times, the parrot has gotten to know the routine and knows how all the tricks are done and would often give away the secrets. "Braaaahk it's in his hat. Braaahk it's up his sleeve, braaahk." This annoyed the audience and angered the magician so much so that one day the magician brought a gun to his show. After the parrot started revealing the secrets, the magician fired at the parrot. The magician missed and hit a propane tank and blew the ship to a million pieces. Floating out on a little piece of wood are the magician and the parrot. After a few minutes, the parrot says "All right, I give up. Where's the ship?"
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