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Inducing Labour

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Peaches is ready to have her kittens. She was discharging a little mucous earlier this morning & I really thought the kittens were coming last night (was up most of the night checking on her )

Is there anything I can do at home to help her along?

Spicy food? A long walk? Bumpy car ride?

She did disappear for a little bit but is now sleeping in the dinning room beside me again. That may mean she's waiting for everyone to go to bed but she's so outgoing I wouldn't be surprised if she sought us out before having her kittens.

(Belly rubs have brought us very close in the last few days!)

I'm considering an AM vet visit if she doesn't get moving by tomorrow, but I have NO idea how far along she actually is so I can only go on limited experience.
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If you are not sure she is overdue, I wouldnt rush things.

Not unless you have a reliable vet giving you actual advice to do this.

Cats arent good at premature deliveries.
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Keller had discharge for a few days before she actually gave birth. I wouldn't panic yet, mother nature has her own clock
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I would assume there was nothing I could actually do that would push her into pre-mature delivery though? If she's not ready she won't go, but she's given every indication in the last two days we just havn't had any labour. I just want to do SOMETHING, she seems so uncomfortable & all the belly-rubs & heating pad only go so far.

I'm also very concerned because it was completely unavoidable but we had to take her on vacation with us this week (we did come back a few days early for her and she didn't seem as pregnant when we left as she does now!). She's very comfortable both with us & in the car but I'm still worried she was crossing her legs to keep the kittens in until she got home.

I guess if that is the case, leaving her alone is the best thing I can do. We're still getting allot of good kitten movement, maybe I'm worrying too much; maybe my pregnancy is making me overly sensitive to her plight !!

*arg* I'm just worried about getting some sleep between her & the toddler & MY pregnancy in the next few days...

*Phew!* thanks AC, I figured it was the same as mucous plug in humans (EWWWW, I know!) and I do know that can go a day, even a week before the baby . I'll keep waiting!
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I have 4 kids and I have yet to actually see a mucus plug at least on myself....ewwww is right, I should be thankful.
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Yes, it's gross.

It was very funny actually, Peaches has been napping on my belly and our kids are having allot of fun kicking each other!!

We start the animal lovers really young around here .
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Still waiting.... zzzzzzzz...

Checked on her at 12 and 2 last night, no change, then was up at 4 because she was digging like crazy in the litter, she just had to pee . Threw her into her room anyway, she got out by 6 and I couldn't find her anywhere in the house . Up this morning and she's just sleeping at the dining room table (her favourite spot). No kittens yet.

I need coffee...

BTW I decided to check on her every two hours because I figured that was just enough time to keep me from getting a good night's sleep, but not enough so I wouldn't miss the entire thing and be really annoyed (actually, I figured if she's going to get into trouble and there is something I can do. 2 hours gives me a pretty good window to catch her before things go too badly).
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Originally Posted by Nes View Post
Yes, it's gross.

It was very funny actually, Peaches has been napping on my belly and our kids are having allot of fun kicking each other!!

We start the animal lovers really young around here .

Aww... that's so cute!
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Looks like Peaches is like Elsa. What it took was me posting here about her being overdue, and within 5 hours we had kittens. (eight)
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