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I object with it being men that are bad with money. My fiance is VERY good with money and always has been. In fact, when we first moved in together I was the one who overdrew my bank account and credit cards on MULTIPLE occasions(and not just small amounts) and he would help me get out of it. I am MUCH better now because of him. In my defense I was very spoiled and everything I wanted was pretty much handed to me. I didn't have my first job until I was 18. And it was only seasonal until the next summer then I had a full time job elsewhere.

But it's because of my man that I am better with money
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When I got married in 1986 I made my checking accout joint with my wife. I never wrote down the debits or deposits because I always knew how much was there. Plus a healthy cusion.

I gave her the checkbook and when she asked how much money was in the account I told her she didn't need to know. I figured with the fear of an overdraft looming she would be frugal. Big mistake. When the first statement came, (you had to wait for mail in those days) I was blown away. She didn't think at all like me. She just told me, "well, you said..."

She surrendered the check book and we still have seperate accounts to this day.
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My husband is very cheap. Oh...he doesn't like that word..he is ummmm frugal. He is very good with money, we both are. We set goals and budgets together.

He has to buy things on sale, and always has the flyerout at the grocery store, he is teaching me about this. I just buy whatever I want and don't care how much it costs. (In the grocery store, not in general).

Anyway, we are a good pair..he is teaching me about frugality and I am teaching him that for some things we deserve quality.

I am very happy with our financial outlook
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Right now BF and I are much much better with money. We dont spend like we used to in the pre-sober days but mostly because Friday was pay day so we would drop 400 each in the bars thru the weekend and be broke the rest of the week. It was really bad! Thankfully we dont have credit cards and being a server I know what I make daily so I know where I need to budget everything out and I DONT use my card unless I have to I prefer to use cash whenever..My card is used for bills and thats because I pay them online. So far knock on wood Ive never overdrawn my account because I put enough money in to pay bills and leave some extra for just in case moments!
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