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Worried...What should I do?

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What to do if cat absolutely does not like to be held, let alone having her nails clipped but I must do it now....

I have 3 cats (indoor). 2 are twins. They play together all the time. The other cat is mad all the time and can claw. In other words, my 3 cats come into contact all the time.

Finally, one got injured on his eye because of a scratch from one of the other cats playing. His eye is infected and he is very uncomfortable. I took him to the vet this morning.

At any rate, it was my fault. I knew how to clip cats nails and we have 2 person to do it but this one cat is totally impossible to be held tight for a trim. I ended up not trimming them at all.

Short of sedating this difficult cat (I love her to pieces), using towel to wrap her didn't work, ... nothing worked; I cannot bring her to the vet or groomer to do her nails every week. So, I am on wits end. The vet and other cat lovers all gave me same advice which I tried but failed.

I am hoping for some fresh ideas. I must clip her nails to prevent another cornea scratch or other injuries that can be serious. Now, I am seeing this favorite cat of the whole family hurting and it breaks my heart.

Any fresh ideas on how to get this other cat's nail trimmed?

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I sympathize, but nope, I don't trim mine. Getting her meds down her is stressful enough. But I can appreciate what you are going through.

I've heard good things about soft paws, or soft claws, whatever. Maybe you can have a groomer apply them. They should last for a couple of months, I think?
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on your lap? I don't know what other advice you received. If the cat will sit on your lap and doze, you can use regular fingernail clippers. My cat Beeba is a real hyper guy. But he would lay on my lap. I started to desensitize him to the cllippers by playing with him with them, touching his paws, clicking them while he lay there. Eventually, I tried one nail, and another and he didn't mind. But if that does not work, and there is a possibility of real injury to the other cats, IMO I would sedate him. I have had cats that were out of this world afraid of the vet and I had to give them a seditive before each vet visit. Hated doing it, but doing nothing was not an option. Better having a sleepy cat than nasty injuries to other animals. Sorry, I couldn't be of more help.
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My girl sounds just like yours. She hates being held and freaks out when I try to clip her nails. What I started doing was clip a claw every couple of hours for a day or two. When its time to clip I will sit somewhere random until she walks by. I have the clippers ready and when she wanders in I quick grab her, position her, expose a claw and clip. I immediately put her down and give her a treat. The treat distracts her from what just happened and she seems to quickly forget that I just "tried to kill her" as she would normally make it seem .

I have this procedure down to 5 to 10 seconds total and sometimes I can even get a second claw done if she hasn't tensed up her paw right away. The element of surprise works best which is why I don't sit in the same spot each time. It is more time consuming doing it this way but it also seems to be less stressful on her. It take practice and I would suggest only clipping one claw at a time until you get good at knowing where her quick is. Play it safe and cut close to the tip at first. The key is speed so they don't get freaked out and start fighting you and get all stressed out.
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I get them while they are sleeping. Which fortunately for cats is alot of the time. They are so groggy that I can at least get one whole paw done at a time without them even caring. Than if they get antsy I leave and will come back at another time when they are drowsy again.
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