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Ah, geez. Here we go again. No good deed goes unpunished. Cas has been doing pretty well... still very timid and frightened. He luuuurrrrves to be pet and scritched. He's oookkaaayyyyy with tummy petting, will give feeble bunny kicks... sometimes teeth ... mostly he cranes his head forward and kisses.

I was giving him chest scritches with my left hand and my right was near his head... as he lay in his bed. He wheeled around and CHOMP!!!!! BAD!!!! Got me around the base of the thumb... bottom teeth into the soft part of the palm... Ay-yi-yi did that hurt!!

This time I was ready. Soaked the hand in hot soapy water, cleaned it with sterile saline spray -that works great, BTW - washed with betadine and put neosporin on it. Went and got oral antibios. Had it treated in an hour!!! Not doing the stupid thing like last time where it got badly infected and took two weeks to heal initially and then like 6 weeks for these lumps in my hand to go away.

When I went back in to drain out the soapy water - he hissed at me - a fearful hiss with ears to the sides. I said to him, why are you hissing at me, YOU hurt ME, remember???? I did eventually pet him on the head and tell him I am not mad. But he cannot go anywhere for 10 days... He's UTD on rabies and I am on tetanus, but man oh man... this stinks. And hurts.

ETA: any advice on handling him? I have had him a month and he hasn't really come around. He is in isolation from the other cats... if they get into the bathroom he lays his ears back, arches up and hisses. I have Feliway running in there . ... last couple of weeks.. it doesn't seem to help.