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Sick Baby Kitten :(

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Hey everyone, i have a 6 month old kitten and just brought in a new baby. Shes about 6 weeks. Last night she started throwing up a few times so we called the vet and set up an appt. for today. We kept her seperated after this point from our older kitten. Our older kitten had blood in his stool around the same time so we got very concerned. Anyways. Today I took the baby to the vet and a stool sample from our oldest. The vet is running a test on his stool but said the baby kitten has some type of cold. And to keep her away from the older one and of course gave me medication for her. He didn't say how long to keep them seperated for, and isn't in now..... any idea on how long I should keep them seperated? Thanks for your help everyone!!!
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At least 1 to 2 weeks. If you were given some antibiotics for the kitten it will probably be a 2 week course, and by the time it's gone your kitten should be getting better.

A little suggestion, though. Whenever you (and anyone reading) brings a new animal into a home, whether it be a kitten or a fish, some quarantine time is alway best. It'll give you a chance to catch signs of colds or any other disease, hopefully. And if you're to be vetting that animal, time to get that and initial checks done.

Has new kitten been wormed yet? And has older kitten had his vaccinations? Some viruses pass between and infect kittens more easily than adult cats.

I hope your 6 month old is ok and that your little one gets better.
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I would say until the kitten is completely better, and then a few days more just to be sure. Kitties can catch colds from each other pretty easily. You'll want to be sure you're not passing it along too, so wash your hands/use hand sanitizer, maybe even a change of clothes between rooms.

for the little ones to feel better soon.
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