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signs of illness

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I learned something new yesterday. I am a volunteer for a animal rescue group. I am currently fostering a group of 5 feral cats. ( 1 momma and 4 kittens) When I trapped them they had their third eye lid showing and really bad diarrhea. Those were the only symptoms. When checked out at the vet's office all tests were neg. and he could not find any parasites. For 3 to 4 weeks now I have been fighting the diarrhea, switched foods, added fiber, ect. Also I have been searching the net for info on symptoms.

The vet was starting to suggest that we have them put down because some of them will not be able to be adopted after they have been fixed. ( a little to feral ) I had planned that the ones that do not get used to people would have been my yard or garage kittys. I would provide shelter and food. But with unknown illness the vet felt that it would be cruel to release them if they continued to be ill.

I finally found out in a article on the net that the third eye lid showing can be a sign of dehydration caused from the diarrhea. Finally I decided to worm them even though no parasites had been found in stool sample. Well guess what--- they had round worms, which was causing the diarrhea. This morning for the first time I found a normal litter box. ( had to do a vitory dance around the litter box). I had been under the impression that the third eye lid showing was a sign of serious illness/disease.

I am so happy that now that they will have a chance. I am a little ticked that the vet did not tell me that the third eye lid showing was a sign of dehydration. It was a simple solution worms = diarrhea = dehydration.

Sorry for such a long post, I am just so happy that they will be ok. Just wanted to share info. So even after being tested they did have parasites, apparently if they are at a certain stage in the parasite cycle the test will come out negative.

pictures of the kttens and mom.

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They are adorable!!!!!!

It sounds to me like you deserve your victory dance for your perseverence and instinct that all was not as it seemed. I'm so glad this is ending up as a happy story. Your vet does sound a little remiss in not spotting the possibilities! I'm glad you didn't just give in and listen to his advice!

They are very lucky to have found you, and finally get the love and tenderness and care they need, well done to you!

Wishing you the BEST of luck in looking after these lovelies, I really hope they all have a happy ending and a happy home!
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They are gorgeous kitties! Sorry to hear about your lackluster vet experience. Often times, feral cats just don't get the best healthcare. It's so wonderful that you were committed to helping and healing them -- you are their angel!
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What sweet kitties. The showing of the third eyelid is always a cause for concern for the health of the kitten or cat. Good job in researching it and solving it. I hope this will be the end of the problems for these sweet ones.
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8cats, I'm glad you did your own research on what was ailing your babies. I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to your vet, rather, getting as much information as you can is often useful.

And the babies are adorable! And is that the mommy cat at the bottom? She looks like a fluffy version of my Spike! Too cute! :
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Wow! They are so beautiful and I'm so glad you didnt give up on them.
I'm sure they are too!!
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I am sure your kittys are thankful you hung in there for them . I am learning too that ferals take alot of work but it is worth it.
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Wow.. vets really piss me off sometimes.

Good job in finding this out on your own. Smart!!!

The kitties are absolutely darling. And maybe in time you can "de-feralize" them
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Good for you! I wonder some vets even care. Thank you for doing your research and for giving these furbabies a chance.
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8cats, kudos to you for taking in mum and her babies. I'm so glad they're getting better and are no longer 'wormy'. I always worm any feral, orphaned, or abandoned kittens that come to me, whether I think they need it or not. Whether it's false negative tests or that the cat just doesn't look wormy, I do it anyway just to be safe.

Good luck with your mum and kittens.
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Two of the kittens ( the long haired calico and the dark grey and white)are doing really good. I can pick them up and brush them. The big boy ( light grey and white) still hisses, but will let me pick him up and brush him. He is not comfortable being handled yet. The short haired tortie is the one that does not want to be touched at all. They all have had 2 baths already, and they get medication every day. Which is why I think the little tortie does not want to be touched, she really hates the Albon medication.

The mother is the black and white one. She is one step away from sabre tooth tiger. She attacks me every time I put food in her cage, and when I change the litter box. Cleaning her cage twice a day is a blood bath (for me) She has her reasons, when I trapped her she looked like she had been sprayed on her back end with some type of chemical. Her fur was falling out and she had some raw spots on her skin. I can only assume that as a stray she had annoyed someone who sprayed her with something.

I will keep her caged until I worm her again, and then if she is healthy I will release her. I will continue to feed her as a "yard kitty" If for some reason she shows any signs of warming up to me I will give her a chance at living inside my house. I wish she would get friendly, she really is a very pretty cat. She would fit right in my house, I already have 3 tuxedo’s.
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Very Beautiful mom and babies. That is really sad about someone spraying her backend. I am glad the babies are getting better and you researched and figured out what was wrong with them. My question is what is a third eye-lid, I have never heard of this? Sorry if my question is stupid, just curious.
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third eye lid showing

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