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Need help finding new homes

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Does anyone have any links that will help me to quickly re-home a lot of cats? I posted the post below previously and am reposting it now so you can see what I am referring to. Thank you!

Originally Posted by somanykitties View Post
I haven't been on here much since the kittens were born, but now I have a huge problem I hope you can help with. One of the babies has worms, I assume this means all the babies have worms. Please, I know that the immediate reaction is "vet" but we are in foreclosure and having to move in 60 days. Vet bills are not an option. For all that I have got to find homes for all these kittens (see my previous posts for how I got them!), their mom and one of my males, QUICK! What can I do? No-one will rent to me with 9 cats, I think I can get away with 2, and I think I have a home for one adult, but nothing on the others. The worms concern me a lot, but again, simplly can't afford the vet. The kittens are all 8 1/2 weeks old, 3 girls, 1 boy. Names are Ziva, Gibbs, DiNozzo and Abby (guess what show I like! lol!) Mom's name is Little One and near as I can tell is between 9 months - 1 year old, she is LITTLE, hard to tell). I also have one unfixed male who HAS to find a home immediately as well. He sprays more than any cat I know and while he is an absolute love he can't be controlled. I truly hate the thought of all my babies leaving, but it is getting to be a health hazard for my youngest child (long story, but she is extremely prone to infections) and as I said...we have to move within about 60 days according to Countrywide. Anyone have any ideas on all that I mentioned? Please??
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Where are you located? Have you tried contacting the no kill shelters in your area and around your area? Are any of the cats/kittens vetted? Are they in good health?
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the SPCA and Humane society do have a presence here, but not a shelter. They are only fostered through other people. (God willing I will be able to foster one day when things are normal!) None of them that need new homes have ever been to a vet (please, I know you all mean well, but please don't judge) but they are all in very good health (minus the worms which I am taking care of) and are all very well loved and taken care of. They don't want for anything. This is killing me because I adore every one of them and know their personalities, likes/ dislikes etc. With the finances where they are (and unfortunately that was no exaggeration!) and my youngest's condition (see www.debra.org if you would like info on it and why she is so prone to infection. She is dominant dystrophic), there is just no way for me to take care of all these. Heck, I spent from 6-11 this morning in a USDA surplus line! (for those of you that don't know that is only for people on food stamps.) So, before you judge on the vet or on my having this many animals that need homes, please realize that my only thought ever was to giving them what they needed at the moment and for as long as I could. Thank you.
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forgot, I am in NC.
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Try making up an adoption contract, and posting them on petfinder.

IF you anywhere near Fayetteville, have you tried The Haven Friends For Life, FAPS, or any of the local humane societies? Call som vets and ask if they have an adoption program, my vet (Highland Animal Hospital) always has pets for free that are in the waiting room in cadges. I assume most are pets that the owners no longer wanted, or refused to pay the bill. If you are not local just call som vets and see if they have a similar set up.

Whatever you do, don't drop them off at a shelter/aimal control.... Fayetteville's Animal Control euths 80% (It was reported in the newspaper last year) of all animals because they are full and are required by law to accept all animals given to them.

Good luck, I would take one off of your hands but I have 5 right now and my finances are busting at the seams, lol.


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Depending on where you are in NC, there is a private rescue on LejueneYardSales.com. The username is for the love of cats.
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