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Daily Thread HUMP day Sept 2nd

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Morning cat folks!

It's going to be nice all the rest of the week! Apparently hot today! Stay for a little while longer summer...I miss yoooooooooou!

Off to work in a bit..and then tonight oil change..and Josh and I ordered some new shoes which we are picking up! Yay!

Nothing much else going on. Soooo excited for the long weekend though!

Have a good one folks
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Hot and humid today here too. But I can't enjoy it because I'm working and it's going to be even more hot and humid at work since we don't have AC at work!

Not much planned for this evening. If I'm not tired I'm going to do a load of laundry and watch a movie.
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Good morning. We're fairly warm and drizzly this morning, but the rain is all expected to move away in the next couple of hours and leave a nice, partly cloudy day. I'll be working in a building with nice big windows in the hallways today, so I'll actually get to see some of that weather for once, if only while going to refill my coffee cup.

I've got a meeting at 9:30 which will probably last until around lunch, then I'll spend the afternoon working quietly at my desk. I haven't decided when I'll leave yet, so I guess I'll wait and see how I feel this afternoon to decide. I may duck out early at around 4 or I may work until 5 and spend some time on the elliptical machine after work. Leaving between about 4:30 and 6 often doubles the commute time, so I try to avoid it.

Not too much on the schedule tonight. I'll pay some bills, spend a little time online, and probably read on my book some. And of course spend some time cuddling with the kitties.
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Its another sunny day. Temps are still cool 45F (7C) with a high in lower 70's. Thi sweather pattern will hang around for the rest of the week too.

So I washed on blanket, airing my wool quilts and washing another blanket.

Still have the sinus headache though. Yesterday afternoon it was bad. Drinking more liquids and taking my allergy meds but I go through this every allergy season-grrrr.

While picking up laundry last night I was watching a couple of the cats and stumbled somehow and fell. Skinned my knee and of course this is the knee I've been having tendonitis in for the past couple of weeks so I'm not helping it very much. Must have strained a thigh muscle too. Plus my glasses fell off and I bend a metal rod of the thing that my laundry basket sits on!! Not a pretty sight. Yikes!!

So I sat with some ice on the knee last night and should do so this morning before work.

Not much else going on today.
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Good morning.

Sunny and nice here - not too warm.

I'm at work all day, then once again off to the gym and home. DH has taken to resorting all fo the shelving on our main floor, which is an odd project, but certainly not one I mind having him do. I think he's getting bored at home and I hope he's back to work soon.

Cats were having a typical morning - wait for the alarm, then run into the room to bounce on us. Not that tey were terribly hungry, they just like us to get up to the alarm.

Anyway, no real plans today, just life as usual.

Have a good day everyone.
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I was feeling lonely so my sister is staying over for a few days. The cats are happy. We got them all when we lived together so they miss her. Especially Fiona. She was Rachels cuddle partner.

The weather is getting more and more fall like. My neices went back to school which just cements the feeling of the changing season. I am happy, I love this weather. Great to sleep in. Brisk baby!
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Morning All!!

Sunny and about 20C here today which is quite nice.

Nothing much planned for today, have a few chores to catch up on around the house.
Other then that just going to putter at the computer and maybe read on the deck for awhile.

The kitties are having their morning treats, they have spent most of the morning watching a couple of crows that are sitting in the tree across the street being noisy

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning! My first post in week for the daily thread.
Sunday was my MIL's birthday so we went to her house for dinner. DH and I shopped for 3 hours before to get in on some deals Monday is a blur. I know DS was really fussy in the afternoon and not taking naps. I ran around cleaning the basement before Mom went to work. Yesterday DH called out from lack of sleep and we shopped for more deals. Today I am hoping DS naps(though he just woke up after 20mins). I am hoping to stop by Mom's work so they can finally meet him. Tonight DH wants to buy a new grill since they are on sale and he is roasting a turkey on Sunday.
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Good Morning all!! I didnt have a class this morning and am being bad and not going to the one after it, but I am going to my afternoon and night classes! My night class last night about killed me! It was 3 hours long! she had told us she wouldnt lecture that long, but she did! Kamie is running around under the table playing with something, meanwhile Pooh Bear is asleep on the island, and Mazie passed out on the chair. I was going to have a 4 day weekend, but now its a one day weekend as I am working fri-sun. but I need the mullah! I just had a bad confrontation with a co-worker and she honestly thought Id cover her shift? Yah no! I swear hte drama at my work is worst than High School! Well I hope everyone has a great day, its gonna be another hot one today!
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I just thought about something, I posted in the Twitter thread that i hate that stuff, but then I post my mundane goings on here...

Anyway.... another day on my own. The IT guy was supposed to come at 9 to test something about a new server or firewall or some such thing, but since it is now 9:45 I don't know if he's coming. That's ok. I'd have to lose internet for an hour or so! And while yesterday actually was a busy day, today isn't. So far anyway. So what else can i do but play games and other goofing off? hehe. BF gets back from Alabama late tonight so that's good.. Genever gets her shots this afternoon which is also good. She doesn't need a full exam since she was in last week for her excessive puking, so it shouldn't take too long. I might buy a Turbo Scratcher thingy for her too, I think she's bored lately. I've been lazy with the heat and not feeling like playing much.

OK enough rambling. Have a great Wednesday everyone!
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