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Cat giving birth now should i do anything?

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My cat Daeva who is a year old is having her first and only litter as I type this. She went into labor about 1 hour ago, she was acting weird and being really lovey and tried laying on my chest but I didnt want to hold her that second so i handed her to my husband (we had no clue she was in labor yet) It was a few minuets after she settled up against his chest like a baby that we noticed her tummy contracting. It took her about 15 minuets for the first kitten, then it was about 5 minuets between the next two.

Right now she has three and its hard to say if she's done, right now she's resting and sorta taking care of them. She seems confused by the little ones, but she is cleaning them and letting them eat so i assume its fine.

I'm just really worried, I'm trying not to hover over her and let her be alone. But every time I hear them cry I worry she's going to lay on them, or that she's not gonna take care of them. Should i be worried about these things?

Also is it okay to move her from where she had them to somewhere else? When she went into labor she wanted to be around me really bad, hubby handed her to me when the contractions started and went and got my a blanket to put in my lap so she could have her kittens if she wanted to. She stayed a little bit then went into the bathroom and had them under the sink. Problem is I really dont think thats a good place its kind cool in there.

I want to put her in a basket or something and put it in the closet where its warm(not hot) and not so bright but still around us like she wants. Is it okay to move them or should i wait till tommorow to make sure shes done having her babies?
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as of a half an hour ago we are up to 6 kittens...
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Dont let her eat up the last of "mother-cakes" - too many of them may cause runny poo. (sorry for my bad english at this moment).
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Originally Posted by DanaDE89 View Post
I want to put her in a basket or something and put it in the closet where its warm(not hot) and not so bright but still around us like she wants. Is it okay to move them or should i wait till tommorow to make sure shes done having her babies?
Right, this is about the best advice as now.

You can also use a upturned cardboard box; one of the sides halfway down so you can see in and she can easily jump in and out. An blanket or something under. - Old blanket, you must change it now and then.

She seems to do OK. If she gets a nice and cosy nest like you propose, she will relax and do even better yet.

I presume you can be around and talk nice and softly to her and the babies...

ps. You know what to give her for food? Kitten food is good. Quite a lot of it, as she has at least 6 kitten to nurse. Some extra calcium is useful too.

Good luck!
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You can put her and the kittens in a "nest," being sure that it's large enough to allow mom to lie down without crowding the kittens. Don't be surprised if she moves them, however. If she does that, change the bedding and move them back. Put the nest in a quiet place.
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If she insists on keeping them under the sink then you would do well to put a basket or a box under there linned with blankets or old towels to keep it warm. If you think it's too cold then you can plug in an electric heater to run in the bathroom to warm it up in there.

It is okay to move momma cat, but if you are afraid to pick her up, just move her babies and she will follow you. She shouldn't try to move them from the closet if she is comfortable around you. When you get them situated in your closet, just sit next to her for a while and talk softly to her. You need to keep an eye on her to make sure she isn't having contractions still.

It's a good idea to time when she has contractions. I think if it's 2-4 hours of contractions and no babies then you need to go to the vet. Someone correct me if I'm wrong please.
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How are the kittens and mommy doing?
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Well she doesnt want to move from under the sink which is fine I guess. I just took one of hte blankets off our bed and put it under along with a bowl of food and water. Thinking about it its actually a really safe place for her to keep them, at night we shut the bathroom door so she doesnt try to move them in the night. She doesnt seem to mind.

They are all doing great, all six kittens and momma.(Cant tell you how shocking it was when we left her be with 3 kittens come back 40 minutes later and there are 6..we were not prepared for this many.) Though she is tired and it shows. I make sure to pet her first before touching her kittens that way she knows i still come to see her to. Last night she came out and laid in the bed with me while her kittens slept and hubby was inthe bathroom. We think she though hubby was going to babysit them while she left. THe moment he left she went back in. She wont leave them unless someone is in there to watch them its cute.

I'm worried about fleas though, we had a bad infestation in the spring and had to flea fog the house. They all died. But its cooling down again and we're starting to see a few again, and we are really worried as we've seen a flea or two on the baby kittens, we're back to vaccuming daily to try to keep it from getting as bad as it did last time.

for those who want to see :

Momma and babies:

just the kittens alone while Daeva went off to go lay on the couch haha.

the silver tabby you see is the smallest kitten of the 6, Daeva is really protective of it, its sweet. I'm glad she's taking care of them she is only a year old and the last cat I had that had kittens this young wouldnt even aknowldege it was hers and we had to hand feed it till she took it back.

We still cant figure out where some of the colors came from the daddy was a white mostly with a few spots of grey tabby marks. (He was her brother too....he's gone now though due to his peeing problem getting to much for us sadly.)
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The kittens are precious.
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They are adorable! But I hope you are planing to have her spayed.
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She is such a beautiful cat
And had such a precious litter!

My cat only gave birth to one lonely kitten 5 weeks ago, i kind of wish she had more

All the best for the new mommy and her babies!

Be sure to post more pictures!
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Awwww...I just love new born kittens!! How precious!

Six is unusual for a 1 yr old mama. She must be in good health! It's funny how younger cats look to humans for help when they go into labor. I've taken in more than my share of pregnant strays and normally they just want the company. I had one that had a birthing box set up in a quiet corner of the spare bedroom, but she kept running in and howling at me to sit with her. I did have to help her with a breach by pulling it out so I guess that is why she was crying. She was only a year old too, and had 3 but the breach one died a few days later.

It sounds like your girl didn't have any trouble though, so keep posting pics and let us know how it's going!
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Grats on the little ones!
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congratulations to your Mom for doing a good job.

please, please get your mommy spayed asap and make sure you get the little ones spayed before they move to their new homes. There are way too many cats out there already

Don't forget to weigh the little ones on a daily basis to monitor their progress and make sure they're all doing well.


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