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Water and a snack!

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Hubby was away workin so it was just us girls last night. So i planned a quiet evening, a bath ( Obviously with Tabitha and Daisy! ) and then planned to watch a film.

It was really windy so there was a lot of noise and the three of us were a little on edge. We could hear things rolling around next doors garden! At about 11.45 the bloke next door came out to clean out thier rabbit hutch ! and then feed thier rabbit ! Why on earth you would do this and feed a rabbit at this time of a night i dont know !

So, we settled down again to the film. Finally Tabitha and Daisy were about to doze off. There was a lound crashing noise from outside somewhere which disturbed them again, and me ! When i happend to look up, a huge moth flew past my face and headed for the window ! That was it ,Tabitha and Daisy were on the case and were chasing this moth for the next half an hour ( It was the moth she lost the night before !)

Now, usually she will bring the moth to me and then eat it,but this time she didin't. She looked up at me and then opened her mouth to drop it in my glass of water !! Then looked at me again and walked off! I couldn't understand this but it was funny!

When i woke up this moring,the glass was knocked over and the moth was gone ! Maybe it was too crunchy and she wanted to soften it up !! But i never got my quite evening !!
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OMG too funny!
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Well that is quite the eventful night!
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Hahahaha! Thats hilarious!!! So much for a quiet evening!
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