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The Taker in of Stray Cats

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I Think this rings true of so many I know,
watching as one by one our Colonies grow.
I might be hungry but the cats are all fed
I can not sleep as they have taken my bed.

I'm a taker in of stray cats, I never intended to be
But I could not turn away, seeing they needed me
Its been 15 years now of taking them in
I thought I could stop, but I give up; They win!!
(added By Me)

Taker-in of Stray Cats

God sends some of us a special mission
To take in stray kitty-cats in any condition,
To feed them and give them a permanent home,
To love them and make them our very own.

They chase through the house; their potty box smells;
They seem to have secrets they're unwilling to tell.
They play till exhausted, then curl in your lap,
And settle themselves for a long comfy nap.

Some people are called to great wealth and power,
To run corporations and make big bucks per hour.
But others of us are only asked,
To take in little stray kitty-cats.

I asked God for things of importance to do,
Other than loving a good man and a bunch of kitties too.
He said, "Don't be self-righteous; learn from your mistakes,
And be glad I send kitty-cats and not My stray snakes."

I dreamed when I died I heard St. Peter say,
"What important things did you do each day?"
I felt Heaven for me was an impossibility
And that I should have lived my life much differently.

Then God said, "Come in and have food and some drink,
And sit here in Heaven by your little cat Tink;
For I gave you one of My most important tasks
When I asked you to be a taker-in of stray cats."

- In Loving Memory of "Tinkerbelle," by Darlene Goff
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thank you for that beautiful poem! It couldn't have come at a better time. There is a couple down the road who are overwhelmed with strays they have taken in. They are at their wits end. I am sure this will give them the lift they desperately need. You are an angel for writing this God Bless you!
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This is a beautiful poem and very encouraging, especially for me at this time. I have my own cats and have just taken in a litter of 4 that needed medical attention. Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming, but gratifying.

Thank you.
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Oh this is just wondrful! It's exactly how it goes, as well. Even with as many strays and ferals and unwanted litters as I've had, everytime I find one a new home or make their lives a little better, or have one of the ferals follow me, "the person with the food", everything else just seems like it's going to be ok and I know I've done something good.

And I can relate to them taking over the bed for sure. :-)

Blessed be for posting this. You've made all of us have just a bit brighter of a day.
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Im so glad to have provided a smile for you! I smile everytime I think of all the work WE do for these precious few that we can save. I think that animal rescueres must have the most amazing hearts to continue to give even when it seems like there is no hope. Bless all of us and our special fur friends that make (at least for me) the day a little brighter each time they come back!
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say is Amen.
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