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Another Ava story

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Sorry I had to post this also, I just read a post that reminded me of it, it happened about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I left for work that day about 7:30 am and then stopped at my mother's house and went to me niece's softball game, needless to say I did not get hone until 6:30pm and almost did not stop home before going to me 2nd job. But anyway I stopped in the morning to feed the stray cat that lives between my apartment and my neighbors apartment (they are ranch style so we all have our own entrance and porch) I call her mama cat. Well when I got home my neighbor came out and asked me if I lost something and she told me she saw my Ava playing between my screen door and my other door at about 4 in the afternoon. Thankfully my neighbor took her into her apartment until I got home, but I felt so bad, she must have snuck out when I fed mama cat. I was shocked when my neighbor handed her to me and I was so lucky that she did not get hit by a car or attacked my another animal (I live in the country). I have since invited my neighbors over for dinner to thank them for saving her. I still feel so bad this is the first time in 7 yrs that any of my pets have gotten loose! so now we keep very close watch over the door when we are entering or exiting!!
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Thankfully Ava was safe until you got home. That is so nice that you have a neighbor that will look out for your babies. All of my neighbors would just as soon shoot my babies as look at them straight.
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Thank goodness for good neighbors. I am so thankful for my neighbors. If they ever saw Max out, I'm sure they would take him in until I got back home.
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