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Chronically goopy eyes?

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This is about my cousin's kitty. She (and her cat) live with my parents, so I see the kitty more often than I normally would see a cousin's cat.

Background: My cousin is half Panamanian, and grew up in Panama. There are millions of street cats in Panama, and her cat was taken off the streets at a very young age and bottle-fed. He was a full cryptorchid, and the vet advised us to wait on neutering him until we were SURE he hadn't been neutered before they got him. So he was about a year old by the time he got to be tomcat-ish enough to know that he had to be neutered. The vet had to cut him in 3 places to find both testicles, poor guy. He's about 2 1/2 now.

Anyway, his eyes are constantly runny. We asked the vet about it and he just kind of shrugged and said that some cats just have runny eyes....is this Herpes? I've heard some people saying that they give their cats l-lysine for Herpes, would this help? If so, what kind of dose would be appropriate?

He also vomits regularly. Excessively, IMO. When they lived in Panama, he ate cat treats only---but they did say "complete and balanced". I think Friskies brand. She says this is because they couldn't find cat food in larger bags. Then he ate various store brands when he lived at my grandma's, then Chicken Soup for awhile at my parents' (because that's what their cats eat), but she recently switched him to Purina Cat Chow Indoor because her friend said that stopped his cat from barfing too much. So far nothing has made any difference. Any suggestions?
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I have a few suggestions, with the first being bringing the kitty to another vet for a 2nd opinoin on the eyes and vomit!

All three of my kitties have Herpes and my vet recoments 1000mg of lysine a day (mixed in with their wet food) during an active outbreak and 500mg a day other wise. I personally use human gelcaps that I buy at teh vitamin store, so I just pull them open and mix it in, seems to work for me, but I would have your cousin ask her vet what he/she thinks.

As far as the vomiting, you could have ur cousin try raising the food bowls in your parents house up an inch or two so that the cats in the house have to eat slower and cant lie on their tummies to eat, it helped my crew.

When I was dealing with Tonks and chronic vomiting I went though selveral brand/flavor changes before it resolved, it also started after her spay, idk if that is a coincidence(sp?) or not. My vet did not attribute it to the spay (he didn't do it), thought she did have complications from the spay.

I hope the kitty is feeling better soon!
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Eh, I doubt it's a matter of "feeling better". He's always been like this and he seems to feel fine. His eyes don't bother him at all (until you try to clean them for him!), and he doesn't eat too quickly, it just seems like throwing up is "normal" for him. It doesn't happen at any particular time (like right after eating, etc.), just randomly. His tmmy doesn't seem to hurt him, either.

I wonder if it's just some kind of birth defect. I'm sure the Panamanian street cats are somewhat inbred and generally unhealthy.

He's due for his shots anyway. I'll tell her to ask the vet, but I don't think he'll be too helpful. He'll probably offer to run a lot of expensive tests that won't prove anything.
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Fiona's eyes are runny. Lysine doesn't stop them from running just helps her immune system fight of infection because of her herpes issue.

Does his vomit have hairballs in it? Common issue. Get some hairball remedy stuff and follow the directions, that should help.

If its not a hairball issue it is most likely the food. That takes time to find the right one that won't make his tummy upset. But it can be done. Lots of info in the nutrition section on that.
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Alright, now i have a very similar problem to all these posts... but it started 3-4 weeks after my boy got fixed. He has been on the same food since he was old enough to eat solid and wet food. he has herpes and takes L-lysine. L-lysine clears him up really good, but lately... since he started to throw up the L-lysine is not clearing his eyes up. No Hair balls in the throw up, and he is not loosing any weight. My vet still believes that they dont have herpes, when i have proved otherwise... so thats out until i can travel 3 hours to bloomsburg to get to the vet i like... any clues? They have started Fur ball medicine recently and only one cat is throwing up...
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can you find just another vet?? maybe you will like that is NOT 3 hours away>>?? I would ask for a blood panel and a culture of the goop..

what food is being feed now
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