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I need to go as soon as I write this-but this is important to me, as I like to post and most of my posts haven't "taken". (i should mention I'm on wi-fi & so i get cut-off a lot & can't get my own service just yet) But I've been on here all this time & only one of my posts were here. Should I wait a certain amount of time after I post to go back to page I was on?
Thanks for any help. bc
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i don't know the answer but i'm glad you posted. i've noted several of my posts "haven't taken" either, but can't figure out why...i don't have internet problems and they definitely are just fun posts like in the naming threads (nothing controversial at all), so i'd be interested to know if anyone else is having trouble ?
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How long does it take you to write a post? You may be timing out. Check the "remember me" box when you log in and you'll stay logged in. If your connection is dropped, you'll still be logged in the next time you open the site, although I don't think it will save your post if it hadn't already gone through.

Posts should show up immediately after you click on "Submit Reply" at the bottom.

According the the number by your name, you have 14 posts.
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Maybe you have been clicking "Preview Post" instead of "Submit Reply." Previewing a post won't send it to the boards for viewing.
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If my computer is feeling tempremental (shhhh, she has PMS sometimes...) I get similar issues. I just write posts in notebook or word so I won't loose them .
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