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Cute story about my Kitten

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Hey all I just wanted to share something with everyone here, my husband just doesn't understand what I find so cute about it. Every night when I scoop out the litter boxes I have 2, My littlest kitten Ava follows me around and starts throwing litter out of the box as I am scooping it, she does not do this when she uses the box, just when I am cleaning it. I think that she is trying to help me, although she makes a huge mess, it is worth it to watch her, she actually follows me from one box to the other and just jumps right in to help. I just thought that was cute, and had to share.
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That is cute! She wants to help her mom!
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Awwww... that is cute. She's just trying to use her paws like hands. That's adorable!
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Zoey has to jump in her box immediately after I am done scooping it out. Every single time. As if she's seeing if I did a good job or not
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That IS really cute!

My two love helping as well, when I'm cleaning out their litter trays and sweeping the floor (they always make a mess with litter strewn all over) they follow the broom and paw at the litter on the floor! Little helpers!!!
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My other cat Kramer is the one who jumps in after I am done to check it, actually he almost always uses it like he has to be the first one to mark in it.
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Awwwww that's sweet. My Popcorn and Vegemite will wait until I've cleaned the litter boxes and decide to use them straight after! Quality control, I guess LOL.
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That's cute. JC always has ti immediately "rechristen" his litterbox after I've cleaned it. Sometimes I have to carry the box back up from the cellar with him in it!
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Toes always has to use both litter boxes right after I've cleaned them. The first time I got a second box was really funny because I cleaned the first one and he used it and I cleaned the second one and he got into to use and got the strangest look on his face like "Damn! I should have held some over!"
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Ericka, that is hilarious!

Tarav, my one cat likes to supervise the litter box cleaning. When she hears the rattle of the plastic bag, she knows I'm scooping and comes to make sure I do it right.
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How sweet wanting to help Human Mommy.
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That is a cute story, Thanks for sharing. My cats run into the room when they hear me scooping. They are not happy helpers like your cats, however. They stare at me cleaning it and as soon as I'm done one of them will get in and use it. "Yay, brand new clean litter"..! Heres a funny thing they do do: we have two cats and two litter boxes and they mostly pee in one and poop in the other. Does anybody else's cats do that? It's so funny...Smarty Kitties...

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