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Possible new Mau for me

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NOT this one!

I am posting a picture of a smoke Mau for those who may not know what they look like. I am in negotiations to possibly get a smoke girl next year. She is from super bloodlines and I am extremely excited about the opportunity. Can't wait!

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Best wishes. Personally the silvers and bronze are better looking and better contrast. I've never really liked the smokes - they really don't do very well in the show rings from the few I've seen.
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GK- Last year's KOTY in CFA was a Smoke Egyptian Mau - Emau's Dancin InThe Dark of Mautrix. He was also a NW in Championship.

Sohni - If the kitten is who I think it is, you can't find a better smoke. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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Congratulations, the smokes are interesting looking. I've only ever seen the silvers in person.
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My sister almost got a Mau before she decided on the sphynx.
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Here is 2008/09 CFA Kitten of the Year - GC, NW EMAU'S DANCIN INTHE DARK OF MAUTRIX

Traditionally, smokes have not done as well, but they are gaining in popularity. A KOTY win for a smoke will help as well. I have had a few requests on my kitten wait list for a smoke first, and a silver second. I have never had a request for a bronze so far. The GEMS show I attended last June in Pennsylvania had an even number of smokes and silvers, and a smoke female was the show stopper.

I loved them! I love my silvers too.

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That one is a very good smoke. I just don't see many over here (even in the breed) and the few I've seen were not that great.
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Maybe, if some of us who are very committed to developing the breed only breed the best, we can change the general quality level of smokes over time.... I think they are gorgeous personally and I am very excited to own my very own one.

I made a mistake and purchased a Mau of poor quality, and when I realized it I had her spayed right away. She is now a loved house pet. I have no intention of producing sub-par cats.

My goal is to purchase the best smoke I can, and to selectively breed both silvers and smokes. It would seem a shame to give up on smokes just because there are some poor ones out there in the show world.
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True - wish more breeders would feel that way. Too many of them are breeding mediocre cats in some of the breeds. In other breeds - you have very stiff competition cause the quality IS there
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