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Bad mom; good cat

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Whoops! I let the cats out into the garage from time to time. They were out there earlier tonight. A few hours later, I could have sworn I saw them both in the living room, so I shut the door to the garage.

Just now, Squirt was out in the living room, meowing and meowing. I had to go out there and see what his problem was. Well, he was standing by the door to the garage. I opened it up, and sure enough, Joseph was locked in there!

He dashed in looking quite thankful. His mew is so tiny; I never would have heard it, but Squirt did.

He is no worse for the wear, and as a convenience, he peed on the oil change pan for the car. That's a step up for him. Ordinarily, he would have gone in the laundry on top of the washer.

I feel so bad! I swear I saw him behind a chair when I walked through. Poor little guy.
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Poor kid! Give him extra loves and I'm sure he'll forgive you THIS time!
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Hey Deb?

Give Squirt and extra hug, and better check your place for an additional cat! Maybe one snuck in while you weren't watching.
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Poor baby. One of mine (usually Ivan or Yuri) will sometimes run into the hallway when I come into my apartment, carrying something, and I don't see him do it. I will then find one of the cats sniffing or banging around the apartment door alerting me that the escapee wants in!

Fortunately, they cannot go anywhere from the hallway. The stairs are all behind doors and the elevators have doors that you manually pull open.
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Rowdy once spent about an hour, shut between the wood door and the screen. Its about a 6-inch space and she was a lot smaller, then. I think that she slept, the whole time.
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What smart cats! Hey an oil pan is kinda like a litterbox no?
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Ummm....does Joseph have a twin that you don't know about?

Both my cats love exploring cupboards and drawers. And with the small spaces they can get into, I'm sure they were body contortionists in past lives. Anyhow, during our last house move, they were both closed in a cupboard for about half an hour until Russell meowed and meowed wanting to be let out.

When I opened the cupboard door I found both cats sitting looking at me admonishingly before sauntering out.
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Good on you Squirt!!!!

I remember a couple of months back, my Mum came to visit (she lives and works in Poland) and we were going to have other family round. Well, one the night before the party, I went to bed, and my Mum (clever dear) opened all the large windows in the kitchen and then proceeded to tie a bag of meat to one of them, hanging it out of the window (not enough space in the fridge or freezer). Well I woke up in the morning and Misty is going mental, running between my legs, meaowing and meaowing, sounding really distressed. I realise I can't see Stevie anywhere, I look for him all over the apartment, I wake up my boyfriend and then my mum and we do a thorough cat search, but Misty is still going mad, running up to me and then running up to the window and crying. Something in my head just clicked... I ran downstairs (we are on the third floor) and started to search, calling his name, bawling my eyes out in near hysteria. I searched for about half an hour and nothing. I was about to give up and started upstairs to begin calling around when out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of white in the bushes growing on the actual wall, and yes he was there!!! The nutter had fallen all the way, must have slid down and stopped in the bushes. He was all wet and scared, and still hanging on to the wall, 5 inches from the ground (he probably thought if he let go it would all happen again) I was soooo relieved. As soon as I had him in my arms he started purring. If he's have let go, he probably would have strayed and what a nightmare that would have been.

Misty wouldn't talk to him for a full day, she was so angry with his, she even hissed at him!!!!! (Never before or again).

Me and my Mum had big *words* and needless to say she won't be doing that again!!!!

Alls well that ends well!!
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Awww..Don't feel so bad...That happens here sometimes, but my cats meow so loud, I always hear them..what is so funny is if the light is off out in the garage, the don't want out there, but if it is on, they want to go out... They're silly!
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