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Crying constantly after we leave.

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I'm pretty sure Bean Bean has developed some sort of separation anxiety ever since cody and I took the trip to MI for 2 weeks a few months ago.

His howling wasn't bothering us at all, I would notice it when cody would leave that he would cry and I would comfort him and distract him with toys or food, but now that we've actually moved to michigan... (Bean Bean enjoyed the car ride btw), it seems to have gotten worse.

Or at least now there are other people around to hear it. We're living with my dad and his wife right now and the cat stays in the basement due to them having an enormous greyhound (Lexi) that enjoys killing small animals (Though she is the sweetest most docile thing otherwise). But as soon as we leave together, we can hear him crying at the door and scratching it. I think it's starting to drive My dad's wife mad, as she was opposed to our cat living here in the first place.

What should I do? Calm Down for Cats doesn't seem to be as effective as it once was, not to mention that sometimes their little beagle Bella sneaks down behind Norma while she is doing laundry to eat the cat's food and drink his water. I'm not sure how healthy it is for the dog to be eating the cat's supplements.

I've been thinking about scheduling a vet visit to make sure there isn't a deeper problem, but I'm fairly certain it's just separation anxiety. I think we've tried everything short of getting him a friend. I'm fresh out of ideas, but I don't want Norma to tell us anytime soon that we have to get rid of the cat.

I'll go with the cat if it comes to that point.
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Well I hope it's a temporary situation, doesn't sound like a very comfortable situation for little Bean at all. As far as the Beagle "sneaking " down into the basement when she does laundry.........She lets the Beagle down with her. I think you need to get Bean out of this living situation as soon as possible.
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We will definately be moving out of this place as soon as one of us finds work. It's a hard time right now.

But this was a problem before we moved, it was just that there was no one left in our apartment before to hear him crying after we left.

I know she lets the dog down with her. She also "forgets" to close the door sometimes. I keep telling my dad and just about anyone who would listen that she's got it out for my cat but everyone seems to think I'm crazy.

As much as I want to, it's impossible to stay home to watch over him every minute of every day.
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