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Lets all post our state we live in. Me ,Western New York
Very near the PA line.2 hours from Buffalo New York
45 minutes from Erie PA
Anyone else?
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Bay Area, California
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North-central Ohio, along Lake Erie, just south of Cleveland.
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Fairbury, Nebraska (South Eastern Nebraska)
It's about 10 miles North of the Kansas border.
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I want to go to the Cleveland zoo and the Cinn.one
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Hi shell!
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Just outside of Philadelphia, PA...slightly North and east, in Montgomery County
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thats about 4 hours from me,mom of 10!
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Not too bad! We should plan a NY/NJ/PA area get together like the Californians are doing!
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You guys are so far away from me! It's a least 10 hours or more away from here!

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ya we should!
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New York City (Manhattan)
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Near the base of the Cascade Mountains- Oregon
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I live in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. It is about 1 or 2 miles from Toledo, Ohio.
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I'm about two miles from the geographic center of Tucson AZ.
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Beaverton, Oregon. Basically, in Portland, just outside.
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Port Hedland, Western Australia, Australia
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Well, I live in good old sunny (LOL) England, in North London, where the weather is ALWAYS fab...ahem
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Right outside Sacramento California! I don't think anyone is coming to my little pot luck I'll let you know when I get back Saturday!
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Wellington, New Zealand
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Thomasville GA...35 miles from the Florida line.
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Oh Canada, our home and native land......)
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Perth, Western Australia, Australia. It's on the very bottom left-hand-side of Australia.
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I think Shelle and I are the closest together...I am in Arkansas...
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Im near Asheville, in the mountains of western north carolina
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Lee's Summit, Missouri. About ten miles from Kansas City
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Orange, California

45 mins from LAX
30 mins from My Mom's House
25 mins from Knotts Berry Farm
20 mins from Any Beach
20 mins from Disneyland
20 mins from Work
15 mins from the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim
10 mins from Movies
05 mins from PCH Hot Dogs (awesome little place!)
05 mins from Vons/Ralphs
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Far western Kentucky, 10 miles north of the Tennessee Border, about 50 miles south of the Ohio River and about 20 miles east of the Mississippi river.
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Marquette, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) on Lake Superior. About everything is 3 hours away.

3 hours to Canada Sault Ste. Marie

3 hours to the Mackinac Bridge which spans the Upper Peninsula to the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

3 hours to Green Bay, WI (closest large city)
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