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My doctor put me on a thyroid hormone

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A couple months ago I went to the doctor and he did a thyroid test. My TSH was normal, but my T4 was slightly low. He said, lower end of normal range.

Anyway, the test was repeated last week again and it came back the same. He talked to some colleagues during their medical rounds and got mixed opinions on what to do. Some felt that it was a lab error (but that would be 2 lab errors in a row for 2 separate tests. Not really likely). He figures I'm on my way to being hypothyroid and have just caught it on it's decline. I told him that I am symptomatic of hypothyroidism. He prescribed the lowest dose of L-Thyroxin (25 micrograms) to see if that helps me. And I'll have another test in a few months.
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Good luck, I hope it works for you. There are debates about the scale used to determine a "normal" TSH, due to the wide range of differences between people.

For example, with Synthroid, my mom's TSH was considered normal, but she was still symptomatic. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year and found a holistic doctor who specialized in hypothyroidism that she got more help.

She's now on Armour Thyroid (a name-brand natural dessicated hormone) like me and we're both symptom free. He monitors our numbers to make sure they're not too low, and to ensure we're not over-medicated.

What's really interesting is that after I was diagnosed, I posted on here and someone recommended I check out stopthethyroidmadness.com. Best advice ever.
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I was diagnosed about a year ago.My levels at the last Drs appt to have them checked,was 1.5.They told me that was pretty good and that they wouldn't change my 75mg synthroid then.
Well after a hospital stay,they found my levels to be 8.4.Which is WAY to high they said.So,they readjusted my Synthroid to 88mg. I haven't had my TSH levels checked yet--hasn't been 6 weeks yet.
But, I'm hoping the levels are good enough.
I have REALLY dry skin still.But, I don't feel as sluggish as I did.
Good luck hon, I hope your levels stablize.
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