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Maggie seems more at home, but strange that she's started to shy from me :(

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Well, she seems more at home, but she's also shying away from me more now. Where in the beginning I was the only one she would be around, or close to.
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what do you mean by shying away - or maybe she's trying to play up to your mom and brother to make sure her forever home is safe and secure!
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Bad news. She's being de-wormed and my mom was seriously thinking of taking her back. I told her she can't do that after having her so long. So, he's offlimits upstairs until he gets all these worms out of her.

I still let her in my room, I spoil her I think.
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Well, it's pretty routine for a cat from a shelter to have worms, and you all are good pet parents to make sure she's being treated. But, unless you let her go outside, she probably won't get worms again. Mine never have - although I always take a stool sample in during their annual check-ups. And, if anyone's a little icked out about cleaning the litter til the wormies are gone, you can always wear those little throw-away surgical gloves they sell at Walmart in the vitamin area.

You are a good cat daddy - and maybe you'll have to really keep thanking your mom for her patience and good heart, until she feels too darn 'guilty' to think of returning Maggie!

And, yeah, cats do get spoiled - mine eat better than I do, and get more toys, but when they curl up in bed, waiting for me to join them for a nap,'s worth it.
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She seems not as liking me as she once did. I don't know what I've done to make her shy away from me. She still won't let you hold her, won't sit in your lap, etc.

My brother is just scared of her still, saying she scratches him while he's asleep and all. Tried telilng him she's just playing but he doesn't think that.

She just seems not as active as she was or friendly as she was.
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Watch for signs of illness, but it may be that she's still just settling into the household.

For what it's worth, our nicest cat, Punkin, never sits on anyone's lap and does not like to be held or picked up. But he still comes running for attention, wants to be petted and rubbed, etc. Cats just vary a little bit.
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I'll call her by name and she just looks at me and walks off. I try to get down and rub her and all, within a minute she gets up and walks off a bit and lays back down.
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Oh, yeah. She's a cat.
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She`s probably going through one of those "phases" you know? Alley went through a period where she seemed distant to me and barely tolerated petting or stroking.Eventually she became more friendly and sociable.Teens are teens no matter the species,eh?

Do you think she is feeling ill or...? Positive vibes to both of you!!
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