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Hey everyone. Oscar is about 3 or 4... And in 08 sometime, Cant remember, I noticed that he had worms. I called my vet and I got a pill. Well, I just noticed below the butt..

He had stopped using his litter box for a month or so. I just thought he was using it outside. Well, I went on vacation for about a week and he has been using it ever since.

Will a pill fix it, or do you think something is wrong.
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If you noticed the worm I would save it and bring it to the vet so they can see. Unless you can descibe it and they will know what you mean. You can also bring in a stool sample so they know exactly what it going on.

I just treated mine for tapeworm and they have a one dose topical liquid now. No more pills! I was also told to clean the box out thoroughly and clean any bedding that the cat sleeps on.
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If he has worms, then yes, a pill can fix it for now. However, if he is going outside and hunting he will continue to pick up worms every so often. This is something you should be prepared for if your cat is allowed out.
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The worms are white and just a few cm long
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Ick! Tapeworm! I just treated my cat who is indoors only for tapeworms, the little moving white segment bit freaked me out!

I, too, got a topical solution from the vet, one little tube squeezed onto the back of the base of the neck, I also did emergency laundry of blankets and whatnot. I didn't have to bring the worm in, I described it to them on the phone and they said yep, tapeworm, come pick up some Profender. (so much easier than pills!)

I guess I'd get your cat on Revolution or Advantage Plus or something for fleas + worms, if he goes outside. You don't want to go through the hassle of getting rid of the worms only for him to get reinfected next week. Good luck!
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Tapeworms are the worst! Not only are they super disgusting if you see the segments on your cat`s rear but they seriously deprive the cat of nutrition and health. My vet gave Alley the one pill dose but it had her feeling icky for 2 days.On her next visit she got a routine squirt of de-wormer to kill any roundworms she could have. Get rid of that tapeworm as soon as you can.Your cat will have glowing fur,eat less and have more energy once that hideous parasite is destroyed. Right idea to sanitize and wash catbox and bedding.

Good Luck!
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