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Mommy moving kitten

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My cat gave birth a little over a month ago and since then we had the kitten in a small box and the mother would move it after we brought a new person over to see the kitten so we stopped bringing people to see it. About 2 days ago we changed the box for a bigger one so the kitten has room to move around and stuff. But we have noticed that ever since we changed the box the mother has been moving the kitten around the basement, but we are scared because the basement is not finished and we dont want it getting hurt by roaming around.. But mommy keeps moving her baby..

Could it be because she knows its getting older and starting to run around, and that it needs more space?
Or she just doesnt like the box?

What should we do??????
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I've got a cat that likes to move her kittens every few HOURS if we let her. Keep putting the baby back in the box. Make sure the box is clean and is in a warm, dry place. Away from drafts is really best. If you can set up some kind of "fence", it could help.

I keep my kittens in the kitchen by using a pressure-mounted baby gate. It works until they hit 6 weeks and start to climb EVERYTHING.

"A little over a month ago" isn't real specific. Kittens start running around a lot by 4 weeks and by 6 they're getting into everything. Also by 5 or 6 weeks, most kittens are litterbox-friendly. Is there any way you can bring this kitty upstairs into the house? It's probably about time it is weaned and either taken in by your family or found a new home. Has it been to the vet yet?

If the kitten HAS to stay in the basement, then it's going to get into what it gets into, and there isn't much you can do about it. Just make sure there are no obvious dangers, like fishing poles with hooks dangling...
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