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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Nighty night everyone.
Get a good Rest Susan!...
Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I'll get around to it!

I just made lunch. Now I've got to start getting ready for work!!!
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good night TCS!...
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waking up....coffee and
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Having some hot chocolate and getting ready to start my day.
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office desk...
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just got back from running a stool sample to the vet, now am trying to get motivated to make some muffins for DH lunch next week.
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Just got home not to long ago, feed the kitties, did a couple chores, and now I am going to relax for an hour or so then have dinner.....(hmmm chinese tonight)
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that sounds terrific!..
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digesting my supper
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Sitting waiting for the teacher to come in, i am soooo tired!
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Just finished tidying up the kitchen, and now am going to play some video games for awhile.
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Go girl go!.. finish all of them1...:LOL!
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Well it looks like I have had enought for today. Nighty Night everyone....
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Have a nite night Susan!....
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good nigth friends!...
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Morning coffee and

I don't have very many things that are guarenteed, but the morning coffee and usually happens LOL.
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...good morning Members!.......
for office desk....
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Morning All!!!
Sitting here have my hot chocolate planning what I am going to do today. Also thinking I should go find a pair of socks because my feet are freezing.
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Actually thinking about taking some Dristan, have a bit of a sinus headache this afternoon. Other then that just puttering at the computer for an or so before I make something for dinner.
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the usual at this time of day... Digesting... gonna go outside and read. Might as well enjoy the weather before the snow starts
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I'm about to get out of the house - got to do a 40 minute round trip to feed my Nana's kitties!
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just finished playing battleship with my 9yr old.
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Just started watching The Devil Wears Prada on TV... and relaxing, I'm on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy, which hopefully won't be much longer!
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Thinking about calling it an early night, the sinus headache I thought I had seems now to be the beginning of a cold Took my temp a little while ago and it was up and now my entire body is aching(more the usual). Never fails though the least inappropiate time for me to get a cold, or sick is usually when I do.
Anyway night night everyone.
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I'm about to head off to my favorite sushi place to get some sushi...yumm!
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In 6 minutes I'm going to get ready and dressed again (it's 5.30pm and I got up too early this morning!)
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.....good nigth TCS!....
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
.....good nigth TCS!....
Night Rigel. I'm about to head off myself. Just doing some research!
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Doin' the morning and coffee....trying to open my eyes. My own fault for being up so late.
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Morning All!!
Sitting here drinking a huge glass of orange juice and hoping the vitamin C works some magic..thinking about doing the litter boxes as soon as I get some energy..
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