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Daily Question: Tues. Sept.1

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What colour is your hair? Very easy one.
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It used to be a dark sable brown with red highlights.

But now it's lightening up with white hairs.
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Easy if you have a normal hair colour maybe

Mine is natural...but its hard to explain. I guess light brown/strawberry blonde? Strange I know
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My natural color was a medium auburn; my present color is also a medium auburn. If I didn't color my hair, it would be grey. In fact, I started spotting grey hairs when I was 13 y/o!
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dark auburn with lots of gray
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Mine is a light brown these days. It was a light blonde when I was a kid, then a sandy blonde for most of my life. One day a couple of years ago, I looked in the mirror and realized it's not blonde anymore.
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My hair is silver - yes, silver, not grey. There is a big difference apparently according to my friends and family. I have a friend who is grey/white and has beautiful hair but matte-like whereas my hair shimmers in any light.
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I have very dark brown hair with a little red in it. Think I might also have a few strands of grey here and there as well but hey it all adds character.
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Mine is Mousey brown with hints of blonde
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Mine is black with a few strands of grey.
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My normal hair color is brown with grey at the temples and sprinkled throughout. The grey made my hair dull looking, so last time I was at the salon, I asked the stylist what color would be good for me. The color is called "sun bleach" and it just lightens your normal hair color. It really made my normal red highlights come out and the grey looks blond! I really like it alot!
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Originally Posted by Snake_Lady View Post
What colour is your hair? Very easy one.
...of course that is an easy one....

here´s the proof....

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I'd say a boring light brown. I've always wanted hair like Holly Marie Combs....but I don't think that will ever happen.
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Medium Brown with Red highlights, since I henna...
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I think my natural color is dirty blonde?? Might be brown these days, who knows, been coloring it for more than half my life. But what you see today is a light red, getting lighter the past few months but I might go dark red again next time...

Since I moved across the country from my mom who was a hairdresser and always did my hair (I'm 28 and the thought of going to a salon literally makes me almost cry!) I do my own color these days (it comes out surprisingly good too!) and I kinda have just been picking reds that look nice to me that day.
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I have medium brown hair. I always try to colour it dark brown but it washes out within a week.
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very dark brown with a little bit of gray sprouting from the top of my forehead
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When I was born it was carrot orange. Then it gradually got lighter and more blonde until it was almost white when I was a toddler. By the time I was 5 it had darkened up to a dark chestnut brown. When I was a teenager it had taken on coppery/red highlights. Now that I'm in my 40's it's a light brown with white and silver streaking through it. I colour it a light auburn and have blonde highlights added so that the white/silver when it grows in isn't as obvious.
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My natural color is a very dark brown, almost black. Now that I'm going gray, I get it colored....medium brown with dark blond highlights (to hide the gray as it starts to grow out.)
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My hair color is an auburn-brown shade. It's my natural color. I don't dye it or chemically treat it in any way since I donate it.
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Mine is a very dark blonde
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