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Daily Thread Tues Sept 1st

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Wow, I can't believe it's September I didn't even put on a swimsuit this summer. We were so busy with the wedding, and then moving I don't feel like we had much of a summer.

It's sunny and going to be 22 degrees today. I am trying to figure out if I should wear pants or capris to work...22 is not that warm but its warm.

Last night we were kept awake yet again by our downstairs neighbour and his 80's rock coupled with fighting with his wife...so loud that we can hear every word that he says to her. (He is not very nice)

Josh went down to ask him to turn down the music and he was sweet as pie...but then we could hear the fighting more clearly still I can't wait until we can afford a house!

Alright, off to the shower in a bit peeps...you all have a good one!
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I had the day off yesterday (off work anyway) so this is like a Monday to me. Next Monday is Labor Day, so I'll be doing that again next week. I came in at 8 and I'll try to stick around until 5 and get some work done. After work, I need to go to the gym so that I can get at least 2 visits in this week.

We have what feels to me like cool weather this morning (low 60's) but the weatherman said it's only 1 degree below the normal low. It's not cold enough yet that I'm shivering in the morning, so that's a real plus. It's supposed to be a nice day with a high of around 78 and only a slight chance for a sprinkle or two.

After work, I suppose I'll read for a bit. I picked up about 10 books at the used bookstore yesterday, so I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. I started reading A Tale of Two Cities last night and I'm really enjoying it. The classics are a lot more fun when you're not having to read them for a class.
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Hello All!!

I have a massive headache this morning. I'm hoping its allergy related so I took my sudafed some ibuprofen and will take allergy meds soon!! Hopefully this will do the trick otherwise its going to be a long day.

Got a couple loads of sheets and towels on the clothesline today.

Its a nice one outside currently 50F and high of about 70 or 71F?

Got my puny landscaping invoice done-August was not a good month-EEK!

Nothing much going on other than work and housework later.

Bender is inside from his morning rounds Bobs is outside still. The other two are on their morning nap.

Having pork cutlets for dinner with garden veggies!

Have a good one.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very here this morning.

Have a few chores to do today, want to clean some of the dead flowers out of my planters, and hose off my deck.

Also have to tidy up the bathroom and get out a few of my warmer clothes from storage, I think I am going to need a jacket for going out in the mornings.

I am also going to make some vegetable, and beef vegetable soup today for the freezer, plus my brother dropped off a bunch of onions, peppers, and tomato's from his garden this morning so may a few jars of salsa. I love salsa and use it on tons of things.

The kitties are good, sitting in the back window this morning trying to see the geese down on the river. The geese are all in along the shore in the tall grass and bulrushes eating seeds or bugs so the cats can't really see them but they can hear them and it's driving them crazy.

Hope everyone has a great day
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It will be 100 degrees today with a 59% humidity..... I hope my lab at the horse unit today ends early because I have a night class only an hour after and I want to go home and shower! Somehow my Kamie got out this morning!!! Luckily we found her waiting by the front door, with lots of cobwebs....she is a very sneaky girl! Right now she is leaning up against my laptop on the table, Pooh is also on the table with me, my Bug is again laying on my dads shoes! I have school all day today! I hope everyone has a great day!
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It's cloudy right now like it often is in the mornings, but it's brown clouds instead of grey, from the fires I guess. The sun peeked out for a little bit on my way to work and it was orange like when it's near the horizon, except it was pretty high up already. Too much crap in the air. I looked out the window last night towards the mountains/foothills and could just see glowing orange all over. It was really eerie. Scary really. I guess I'm about 40+ miles away from it all but the ash is pretty bad today. Ick.

BF had to fly to Alabama this morning so Genever is all I got til late tomorrow night when he gets back. That's ok, she's good company.

Have a good day everyone, stay cool/warm depending on where you live!
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