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Double D's

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yesterday we got two new kittens, Domino and Diesel. they are both 12 weeks old and from seperate litters. Domino (girl) has settled right in and doesnt have any problems at all. Diesel however won't play very much, meow's constantly, doesn't really want any human attention.. he screams constantly, but doesn't appear to be in any stress, and is very bright eye'd and explorative while mewing... is he just missing his mum and brothers or could it be something else?
they also hiss and spit at eachother but thats to be expected in the first few days. We introduced them to eachother and the house at the same time.. was this a good idea? the thinking behind it was to remove the issue of 'one entering anothers territory' if they were both new to the area then it might have reduced skirmishes?

also they have been on wet food and we want to move them onto dry.. any tips? as right now they wont go near the stuff!
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pretty normal to me. Like people, some acclimate quicker than others. The little boy is probably missing mom, but I think you were right introducing them to the area at the same time. His demeanor sounds good otherwise, bright eyed and interested. They will probably become best friends for life. As for the food I am a proponent of wet food. I have to feed dry because I have 11 cats: its too expensive to feed wet. But if I had my choice, it would definitely be wet. Best for their health. Good luck with your little ones. Be patient and give lots of attention and love. They sound like they have a good mom!
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