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Best Cat Doors

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Hi gang... not sure if this is the right thread to ask this but does anyone know of a good quality cat door to be installed in my side door as we now have a mom & 3 kittens taking residence in our insulated garage... we live in michigan so I want to keep it as warm as possible this winter... any ideas would be great!
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How great that you are giving them a warm place to take shelter.

I have an outdoor enclosure that we put cat doors from the house to the enclosure. We have had good luck with the cat doors sold at the home improvement centers like Lowe's or Home Depot if you have one nearby. A hardware store should have them also. The prices are better than at the pet stores.

I do not have a brand favorite.

To get them accustomed to going through the door I taped the flap open with a strong tape so they could walk through then put the flap down.

Keeping food, water and a litterbox in the garage will encourage the momma cat to stay in there out of the cold.

When the momma cat weans her kittens it might be a good time to get her spayed. She may likely become pregnant again and keep bringing you her babies. Best of luck to you.
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Hi -- what a great job you are doing preparing for the winter for these guys. We live in Ohio and have the same problem. Last year my husband built an outdoor shelter with a radiant heater inside. We put 2 trap doors in it so they can have 2 safe exits. We ordered ours off of Ebay and they are fine. We also taped up the doors for a while so they could get used to them. Good luck!!
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Thanks for the input!.. I will try home depot as they are close to us... & yes, the whole "tribe" is going to the nearest shelter to get them "fixed"... by the way, any ideas on outdoor use heating pads as want to get that too for the real bad nights... thanks again!
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I have heard good things about this one and will be getting one soon.
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Skimble... that looks awesome... thanks!

I'm thinkin of building a low wood platform with insulation underneath then set the heating pad on top of the platform & then set their 30 gallon insulated house on top of the heating pad... thoughts?
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Also... I tried taking the tape off after a few days without much luck... are they maybe too young? How long before I take the tape off? It's been one week now...
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