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Happy GOTCHA day Flowerbelle!

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6 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our little cutie-pie, the one-eyed wonder - the ever purring - Flowerbelle. Happy Gotcha Day Whitey Bird! You were going to be a foster kitty... but once you came home, that was it! You purred your way straight into our hearts and lives. ...and FINALLY you let us pet you now! For years Flowerbelle loved being picked up and on laps... but she only ever wanted to "pet" us with her scratchy tongue baths. But finally she is LOVING being petted!

Gotcha day, six years ago (after three weeks in the hospital!):

The day after her Gotcha Day (yeah, like living in the bathroom for a few days was going to happen! ):

And sorry about the fuzzy pics, but here she is today:

And to think those words-that-can't-be-used people were going to take you back and put you in the parking lot! Daddy chased them down, grabbed you, and gave them a piece of his mind! Poor trembling little baby girl... SO HAPPY to be alive and SO HAPPY to be HOME!
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Laurie - I think we're getting old. I remember when you first found Flowerbelle and posted about her. How mad we all were at the idiots who dumped a sick kitten. And then all the trials you went through in trying to save her eye, having to medicate it all day long, and finally realizing that the best thing you could do for her was to remove it.

She's such a sweet heart!!

Happy gotcha day sweetie pie!!
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Oh my goodness! What an absolute darling!
Happy gotcha day, Flowerbelle!
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Happy Gotcha Day!

She's come so far and turned into a beautiful girl!
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Happpppy Gotcha-Day Dear Flowerbelle!!!!

Many Happy Returns!!!
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Happy gotcha day you gorgeous white girl!
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Happy gotcha day, Flowerbelle, you gorgeous girl, you. I hope you get everything your little heart desires.
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Happy Gotcha Day, Flowerbelle!
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Happy Gotcha Day Flowerbelle.

You have something in common with Blossom & a similar name to boot.
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HAPPY GOT CHA DAY Flowerbelle!
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6 years?! Wow, how time flies. She certainly turned in to a beautiful grown up lady.
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She is soooooo beautiful. Happy Gotcha Day, Flowerbelle.
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Thank you all! Flowerbelle is always spoiled rotten, but she got especially spoiled on her day! She got cat milk and chicken - which she LOVES.

Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
6 years?! Wow, how time flies. She certainly turned in to a beautiful grown up lady.
Wow are you right! Time is flying by too fast!
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Not possible!!

Little baby Flowerbelle cannot possibly be 6 years old - yesterday couldn't have been her 6th Gotcha Day. She's still a baby!!! In my mind she is anyway.

Happy Gotcha Day sweet LITTLE girl! You were brought to the right place that day, even if the people who brought you there didn't have a clue. Fate knew.
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Ahhhh What a little cutie, Happy Gotcha Day Flowerbelle
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Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Flowerbelle!!!

She is such a beautiful little girl. Thank you for rescuing her and taking such good care of her.
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Flowerbelle is such a beautiful girl!!! Happy Gotcha day!!!
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I'm late to the thread, but Flowerbelle is one of my favorites!
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