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Little help please?

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I haven't been on here much since the kittens were born, but now I have a huge problem I hope you can help with. One of the babies has worms, I assume this means all the babies have worms. Please, I know that the immediate reaction is "vet" but we are in foreclosure and having to move in 60 days. Vet bills are not an option. For all that I have got to find homes for all these kittens (see my previous posts for how I got them!), their mom and one of my males, QUICK! What can I do? No-one will rent to me with 9 cats, I think I can get away with 2, and I think I have a home for one adult, but nothing on the others. The worms concern me a lot, but again, simplly can't afford the vet. The kittens are all 8 1/2 weeks old, 3 girls, 1 boy. Names are Ziva, Gibbs, DiNozzo and Abby (guess what show I like! lol!) Mom's name is Little One and near as I can tell is between 9 months - 1 year old, she is LITTLE, hard to tell). I also have one unfixed male who HAS to find a home immediately as well. He sprays more than any cat I know and while he is an absolute love he can't be controlled. I truly hate the thought of all my babies leaving, but it is getting to be a health hazard for my youngest child (long story, but she is extremely prone to infections) and as I said...we have to move within about 60 days according to Countrywide. Anyone have any ideas on all that I mentioned? Please??
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Gosh I don't know much about worming a kitty. I know they sell stuff over the counter, but don't know if it is the right stuff. But I do love the names! That is one of my favorite shows too!!
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If you have caught the worms at an early enough stage, you should be able to use an over the counter wormer.. be aware that you need to weigh the little ones though. It shouldnt be too hard, and some vets may help you weigh them if you tell them the predicament your in. (it only takes minutes of their time, and an assistant can do it) Most Petsmarts have a Banfield vet in the store and they are VERY nice and helpful from my experiance.

Mix the wormer in with some wet food, but try to feed each one individual so they dont get overdosed.

Hopefully that will help.

I'm sorry about your predicament though Wish I could be of more help
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Don't use a grocery store OTC wormer, whatever you do. I killed a kitten with it many years ago. I know of at least one on line pet pharmacy that carries Drontal, the same all purpose Rx wormer used by the vet when I took my kittens in. If you have a vet that will give you wormer without seeing the kittens the Rx stuff is pretty cheap, just a bit more than the OTC, and safer.
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Some OTC wormers are safe. Look for one that has the active ingredient "pyrantel pamoate". That is the same ingredient that's in Drontal, Strongid, Nemex and other wormers used by vets. It will take care of roundworms and hookworms.

DO NOT use any wormer that contains piperazine. This ingredient can be dangerous to kittens.
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If you cannot get them cared for I would do my best to get them into a shelter where they can be taken care of. I am sorry you are in such bad financial straits.
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I agree that if your situation is a bad as you say it is, you should try to find a reputable shelter or rescue that can take the cats in and get them the Vet care they need and make sure they are spayed/neutered and not adding to the pet overpopulation problem.
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