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tried to send you a reply to your PM but your mailbox is full.

thinking of you
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what the hell is going on ?!?!?!? :confused2 *pulls out hair*

it seriously isnt full, i recieve them fine from everyone but you, seemingly

anyway, sorry, what a pain in the arse, you write one out, and then it doesnt
even go through... sorry

geez, i wish i could call you, maybe i'll call you later from my grandma's
when i go over for tea and cards

but watch out, this will be me ----->

thinking of you, too
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I hope you make that one smilie available for all of us! Too cute!
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i wish ! it's not up to me though, Hissy, it's up to Anne, and she doest want
to add anymore right now, sorry...
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I would only be too happy to hear you :laughing2 or even !!! just to hear your voice would be cool. do you have my 800 number here at work?
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I'm going to try & PM you again
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yup, i still have it in a PM
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this time it worked. i didn't write as much as last time b/c I wasn't sure it was going to work
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