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Bad reaction to rabies shot - anyone?

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We took our 11 year old tabby for his rabies shot Wed.,and it really knocked him on his cat butt.
He disappeared (in the house) Thursday,and we found him Sunday.
He remains in his little cubbyhole (a small space in an attic area)
and we have been hand-feeding him ever since.
(bologna,cheese,and cream,not at the same time)

He still seems out of it.

Have any of you fine folks seen this with your cats?

All stories/advice appreciated
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Reactions seem to be not uncommon. Call your vet and see what he can do, possibly treat him with a pain reliever.
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I would get him in to see your vet. If he had a reaction this time it could be much worse next time.

My cat had a bad reaction (seizure) to the rabies vaccine and because he is an indoor cat it was decided that it was safest if he didn't recieve it anymore.
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Thank you,nice people,for sharing your thoughts.
I'm going to call the vet tomorrow.

It's nice to be on The Cat Site.
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If you use the search function and look at the health section you'll find that vaccination reactions are too common. (at least for my comfort)

If he had a reaction one of the most common things that happens, besides injection site pain, is fever. If a fever gets high enough it can be very serious.

I'm also concerned that your kitty possibly didn't eat, drink, or use his litter box for about 3 days. That alone can make some cats very ill. I'd suggest you press your vet (or the receptionist) into realizing this could be a dire situation and get the cat seen tomorrow.

I hope no serious damage has been done.
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Hi, not to Ku Ku but the same thing happened to my friend's cat(17 years old male, indoor only). She brought him to her vet & found out that the shot caused some reaction(can't remember what exactly it was) to him.
She was also told that her cat should not get anymore rabies shot.

Hope your baby gets better soon
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