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(Hopefully) New edition

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Hi everyone,

Since I "let the cat out of the bag" so to speak, I figured I'd share a few details. I didn't want to monopolize Tiffany's introduction. I'm very excited! I've been in contact with a woman from a Persian Rescue in Arizona for the past couple of weeks about possibly adopting a cutie I saw on petfinder.org. It's a 3 year old Tortie Persian named Anastasia (Annie for short). I just had my second phone interview with Annie's foster mother. I think she likes me! The foster is British and is traveling to England tomorrow for 2 weeks so I have to wait till she comes back. At first she said Annie would more then likely be gone by the time she comes back because her husband is going to try to place her with some people who seem interested. But at the end she said "Well... Annie will probably still be here when I get home." And she said she'll call me right away. At first I was going to have to drive to southern Arizona (from Salt Lake City, Utah) but now she says she has a friend with a small plane that offered to volunteer to fly Annie to Salt Lake City! They don't usually fly cats out but the foster is particularly attached to this cutie patootie! So I will find out sometime on or after July 2nd and am on pins and needles! I've attached a picture of Annie (even though she isn't officially mine yet). The foster said she is a little underweight and they had to shave her a couple months ago so it will take awhile for her to catch up again! But Peaches was in the same shape when I got her and she's looking so good now.

Tammie & Peaches
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What a beauty!
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what a pretty kitty!
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Thank you Princess Purr and Teresa! I'm keeping my fingers crossed and Peaches is keeping her paws crossed!

Tammie & Peaches
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Awww, what a sweetie! I hope you get her Tammie.
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Aww what a cute One!!! So sweet!!
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Annie is beautiful! I do hope you will be able to adopt her.

I'm going to move this out to the Lounge so you can get our full force of positive energy and board magic for her adoption.
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That's fine. I just put it here because it was the first place I had already mentioned it. And I haven't braved the lounge too much yet!

Tammie & Peaches
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Tammie, lots and lots of good luck in being able to have Annie. She's so sweet!
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I hope that you get her - she will make a wonderful addition to your family!
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Thank you again everybody! I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed till I hear around July 2nd! The foster says Annie is the sweetest cat she's every taken in. The people that dumped her said she had feline lukemia and a heart murmur. But the foster mom checks Annie's heart regularly and has had her to the vet several times and he says she has no sign of either. Thank God! Why would her previous family lie about such terrible things?? Do you think it was just to justify getting rid of her? Poor baby.

Tammie & Peaches
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Wow what a sweetheart! She is a real beauty I will keep fingers and toes crossed that Peaches has you for her new Mom. Keep us updated
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Oh, what a pretty kitty!

Hi and welcome!

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