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Driving me NUTS!!!

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Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place. Does anyone use GIMP ? I am trying to find some help with getting to grips with it. I have downloaded it again to give it another try. Does anyone know of anywhere i can get help being a beginner with Gimp? If not i will go back to using my digikit i used to do my sig with.
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Gimp's great for beginners - it's much like Photoshop, only with a more less distinct interface. You may really want to check this page for tutorials for users with different levels of experience. Once you learn the ropes of Gimp, you can move on to Adobe's program - honestly, you can stay with Gimp. It does just as much, if not everything, that Photoshop does.

I used Gimp when I first acquired an interest for design, and it was amazing. Some useful sites may be Deviant Art for brushes, different fonts, etc. Here, you can learn how to add the fonts. This video can provide you a tutorial with adding brushes, etc. Really, Gimpology will be an excellent source for an array of tutorials, etc. Last but not least, this site, with an incorporated phpBB-powered forum, may be a great deal of fun and support you may be seeking. It's the leading community for The Gimp.

Gimp's a great, wonderful-for-beginners software, and I hope the information I provided you with will help you to have an extraordinary experience.

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Thanks for the info Tom ! All your links are excactly what ive been looking for and more ! Thanks again really appreciate your help ! You must know a LOT about GIMP !!
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No problem, Caitsish, I'm glad I could be of your assistance. I know a decent amount about Gimp, as it was my first program, besides PhotoFiltre.

If you need more help, helpful links, shoot me a message, or post here. I'll be more than happy to help, if I can.
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Thank you ! OMG ive just visited Deviant art!!!! !! WOW!!! and was looking at all the brushes !! Thank you again
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A wealth of resources, right?
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