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Kitty Losing Fur - no fever

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Hi All,

My little Snowball has lost a little patch of fur. We noticed it about a week ago. He is an indoor cat, but long fur, so the other fur kind of covered up the missing patch. He had no fever and I couldn't see a wound point. So, I wasn't worried about it.

My husband has noticed though, that the skin seems redder and more irritated and seems painful to the touch. We haven't seen Snowball licking his wound and the only reason why it seems sensitive to the touch is because my husband has touched the area around it.

Otherwise, he is acting entirely normal!! Normally I don't take our kitties to the vet unless they are acting lethargic or seem hurt. I don't trust our vet (he told us Snowball had FIP awhile back) and refused to admit that our other kittie was allergic to the medicine he gave him.

Any idea what this could be or if the vet could do anything about it. He's an indoor cat. We are going away for a 5 day vacation and having friends take care of him a week from now and just wondering if you have any input.

Thanks so much. This forum has helped me sooooooo much in the past!!!

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get to another vet ... IMHO ask around ... That could be anything from an abcess to a allergy
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I agreee, if you don't like your vet you need to find another one ASAP. Email everyone you know who lives in your area and ask if they can recommend a vet - even if they don't have cats, they may know someone who has cats who loves their vet.

There's many things that could cause something like that, and the vet should be able to do allergen tests to see if it's an allergen, or something else.

You said you don't take the cat to the vet unless they seem hurt - if it's painful to the touch, that seems like he's hurt to me The vet can probably give a cortisone injection/cream to help him.

It really would be hard for us to guess what it may be. I know my kitty gets itchy hot spots which I believe is a flea allergy, even though I have never seen fleas on any of our cats. It could be something simple like that, or it could be more serious.
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