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Action pics!!

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Well, my contribution has been nothing but pictures of my beloved Boules Noires, still learning a lot here on TCS! Our Boules Noires has grown quite a bit since we adopted him last August. He is very happy and healthy. We love him so much and he loves us back. Playful, intelligent and beautiful!

Here he is with his buddy...

Quite the camouflage artist as well !

And a spy !

And a daredevil !

X-rated !

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So beautiful and very photgenic! Is the friend a neighbors kitty. He/she is very cute also.
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ooooooo, Mama Mia really liked that x-rated photo! Definitely took an interest to him, I think she's trying to tell me that he's quite the hunk! His friend is very gorgeous too I must add...

He's a cutie, and those are absolutely stunning pictures that you took! I wish I could photograph mine like that... I envy you
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