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this kitten is a handful

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OK now in addition to try to steal food and water out of Tiki's bowls, the new kitten has found Tiki's litter box in the basement and started using that. What's with this little thing? I thought cats don't like to share litter boxes. Is Tigger the kitten really attached to Tiki? When Tiki is not around like playing outside where Tigger is not yet allowed, Tigger would sleep on top of a throw that is of the same coloring as Tiki.

How do I train him not to use Tiki's litter box?
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Aww...it sounds like someone's found a friend! How sweet!!!

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The kitten is scent-driven and going where Tiki has gone before. I would bring in another litter pan near where Tiki goes, in case Tiki does not want to share that part of herself with the little one.

Sounds like it is going just fine though from my end of things.
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Tigger sounds very attached to Tiki. How does Tiki feel about Tigger?
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It's not always true that cats don't like to share a litter box. Most of the time, if you only have a few cats, one litter box is fine. Especially with kittens, they don't usually mind sharing. Cats are usually social creatures, and want to share with each other. The kitten is just being a kitten
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Well Tiki is a very laid-back cat. So most of the time she looks at the hyper kitten like he is crazy. She shares her bowls with Tigger with no problem. It's so cute to see Tigger's little head right next to Tiki's big head diving down on the bowl together.

Tiki does get mad sometimes when Tigger runs around the house very fast and plays with her tail. She would give Tigger a few whack on the head or chase him under a couch or table.
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I have three cats and three litter boxes but it doesn't stop them from sharing each one. Mischief claimed Isis's litter box the instant we stopped seperating them and Isis believes everything in the apartment is hers.
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My cats have always shared litter boxes and feeders with no problem.
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Same here- two kitties , one box, and one set of food/water bowls.
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My cats also started using each other's litter boxes as soon as I finished separating them. And I mean as soon as; when I opened the bathroom door for Sam to go and see Bailey (she had been there 4 days), he went right over and used her box. She looked at him, and ran out in the hallway to use his. And they have shared happily ever

I do, however, keep separate feeding stations, because Sam likes to snack, and Bailey inhales her food.
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When I got my 3rd kitten I went out and bought a 2nd litter box but all three use both it just depends on where they are at in the apartment and which one is closer. With the food bowls I have 2 water bowls and 3 food bowls, but all 3 cats use all of the bowls, I could probably get one big one but this seems to be working and I do not want to mess with it.
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sxzwang, my two cats are exactly the same as yours. Everything you said yours do mine do as well. I guess we are lucky our older cats don't have a problem with sharing!
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Luckily, my older cat is the kitties mom and so they share ok. Although, I don't think she knows he is hers as they were separated for 3 weeks or so before she came to live here. She shares his litter box and food bowl. I feed them separately cause I am feeding him kitten food. I guess I should feed it to her too as she is a little on the skinny side having just finished nursing 4 kittens. I am glad they share as I have no other place to put a litter box because the dogs would clean it.
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I only have one kitty so it's not a problem! He likes to share people's plates though. I can't get him to stop attacking anyone's plate, especially when I have friends over for dinner.
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Our new kitten, 3 month old Dexter, is taking very well to Pixel. Pixel accepted him into "her" home. She realises this little guy is here to stay and is actually quite a welcomed companion

Here they are looking out the window with curiosity, I thought this pic was cute:

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