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Foster Cat Saga

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My Mother has gone into a nursing home for rehabilitation. I am praying she is out soon and back in her cottage. Meanwhile, I have been visiting her cat every other day for feeding, care, etc...He is close to work but this makes long days as I go in before or after hours. Poncho is about 10, friendly, sociable, loving lap cat. He needs some vet attention for dental problems. I thought I'd bring him home to make life easire for me. WRONG. I have two lovely finicky cats already. These two ladies just about tolerate each other and live a comfortable life. They took one look at Poncho and freaked. Gigi is my oldest and with me for three years now. She was so upset she threw up three separate times. Nothing but growl, hiss, slash me in the middle. Feliway did nothing to ease the pain. Poncho went back to his own house this morning. None of us truly slept. My cats went right off food. What a scene! I tried but cats are cats and not meant to mingle. Poncho is alone in the house but at least he is safe, checked on and in my thoughts.
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I'm sorry to hear about your mother, and Poncho's solitude.

I won't try to change your mind but, in the event that Poncho needs a permanent home with you, keep in mind that it just takes time for cats to adjust to a newbie.

I hope and pray your mother will be home soon, I'm sure she must miss her kitty and worry about him. And he must be feeling devastated without her. Hopefully knowing you are caring for him helps to ease your mother's mind.

Keep us posted.
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Something similar happened two years ago when she fractured a bone in her ankle. I tried to bring Poncho home and it was the end of the world. I had hoped Gigi had mellowed a bit. Gigi has come to accept Sweetie. She was a stray who move in last year. I had to put Poncho into Foster care at that time. He was with a loving family for one month.

It does occur to me that he may need a new home if Mother cannot care for him.

Poncho is 14 lbs and my two girls are just about 9 lbs each. He certainly is large, long haired and fluffy. Gigi smelt his carrier and flew this morning.
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