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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
Working for the USPS, the internet has put a royal beating on first class mail. I have to wonder how much of an impact the convenience of being able to shop over the internt has had on the decline of malls. I'm sure it plays a part in it, you can order just about anything online and have it delivered to your doorstep.
A big impact, I'd say. Unless you're one of those "shop till you drop" people, you can't beat the convenience of online shopping, because you save time, gas, and often money.

Remember when the pundits said Amazon would never survive?
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i thought teens and pre-teens hang out in malls (not necessarily to shop but more to eye each other, eat mall food, be silly, etc), or do they now "hang out" on twitter?

i'm seriously out of touch!
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There is a website for this:

Dead Malls

It has photos and stories/information about "dead" malls listed by state and city.
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