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Recent behavior change

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I have 10 cats, so having everyone get along on a regular basis is a stretch, but I have a pretty happy household. Oscar is a 3 year nuetered male who I found about 2 years ago. About a year ago he started fighting with one of my other males (also neutered, everyone is). Did bloodwork, etc, decided he was just mean, put him on Prozac, life was good. Well, about 6 months ago he started getting really temperamental. So last week we wnet back to the vet, $355 in bloodwork and tests later, they thought he had diabetes. His bloodsugar was 372, but once they checked his pee, there was no sugar in it. Vet said that cats blood sugar can fluctuate dramatically with stress, so we chalked it up to that. He;s home now, and being more dramatic than ever. Walks around hissing and growling all day. So tonight I put him in my bedroom. Right now he is curled up between me and one of my dogs, happy as a clam. Could it be that he really just hates the other cats that much? Should I put a liter box in here and just let him chill in here for awhile? Could I be successful in reintroducing at a later date? I mean, I'd think he'd be lonely living in my bedroom, but he truly hates being around the cats, but likes the dogs, and he's get to sleep with me every night and hang out while I'm on the computer and stuff. Any thoughts?
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I have 11 indoor cats, and one of them does live in the bedroom. She really doesn't like the other cats, but she loves sleeping with the dogs every night. So she's perfectly happy living in the bedroom . She's a funny cat. So if Oscar prefers to hang out in there, maybe it's worth a try.
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cats. We have a nice little "community". But I agree with poster that if he is happy in your bedroom, I'd let him stay. You know how cats are, if he is cantankerous toward the other cats, that sometimes creates more fights among the ones that get is sooo complicated!
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yeah, I'd rather keep the one who get along getting along. He just turned into a totally different cat while he was in there with me and the dogs. I was thinking of putting a litter box in the closet and just leaving it open enough for him to get in but not the dogs. I think all my foster kittens might be getting to him, so this might just be short term until they're gone, but I know he'll be a lot happier.
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I agree with the others. Letting him rule the roost in the bedroom is fine. It may be the fosters, it may just be he likes being an Only Cat. YOu can always put a bird feeder out side the window for his entertainment.

It is a testimonial to how well you understand cats that you have realized this and are willing to accommodate him!

Do you keep feliway plug in diffusers going?
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I have used feliway before with no luck. If his behavior remains after the fosters leave, I'll try it again, but I'm willing to bet he'll be back to his old self. They go to Petsmart this Friday for adoption. I'm going to dig an old litter box out of the garage tonight and put it in my room for him in the meantime.
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have you tried rescue remedy?? a vet check to rule out any physical ailments? I have a cat room where three of my cats primarly live
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sharky, he's been to the vet twice, the last time being just last week. Extensive bloodwork, the final diagnosis is that he is an a-hole. From the lips of my vet, lol. Before I got him he apparently had many bouts with UTI's, but thats been checked thoroughly and he's clean. I have no tried RR on him, but that is a good idea.
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Soooo, I decided to go back though and read my old posts and came across this one. Just an update, since my very first post about this, in August of 2009, Oscar has not left my bedroom. He now lives 100% in my room, sleeping with me and the dogs at night, and alone for the majority of the day. And can I say, what a difference it has made! This cat was so stressed he was losing his hare, stopped grooming, he was greasy and gross. He is now the picture of perfect health, and has no problem living in a confined space. So, just for anyone else who might have this problem, he is not lonely at all, and really seems happy now.
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Good to hear. Kitties can be happy in small spaces especially if they have places to climb and still get good play time. As long as he is happy and in good health.
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