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Okay I have had my kitty for a few days now. Two days ago she started sneezing and today her eyes are watering? Could her litter be bothering her or is she sick? I bought Tidy Cats small spaces, is it too strong for a kitten? I am going to call the SPCA tomorrow, they said if she gets sick within 14 days they will treat her for free.
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When I adopted my five month old kitten a month ago, the shelter he was at informed me he recently had a kitty cold and was treated with antibiotics. They told me to be on the look-out for green colored discharge in his eyes, which indicates infection. But just to be safe, you could have her checked out. A kitty cold is usually no big deal as long as the cat receives proper treatment.

I have noticed my neighbor's cat sneezes a lot whenever he goes near his litter box--the scent of most litter is so strong!

Hope your kitty feels better soon.

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