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Had the Ultrasound.....It's a.....

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Not there was ever any doubt; but I did tell one particularly anxious friend that it was a kitten. She was texting me from her work before my appointment was over. Or so my phone said once I turned it back on.

But it's a GIRL!!!!

We had the ultrasound done at a new medical center and it was totally awesome!! They have it set up so there is a big flat screen up on the wall so we could see everything the tech did or was looking at. And she was great to tell us what she was doing too. The baby was very active during the ultrasound. She's head up with her back facing out. So that may explain why I don't feel much yet. I think it's normal for a first pregnancy for that to take a bit anyway. But she was definitely moving in there. We couldn't get a good look at her face because of the way she was sitting. She had her hands up on her head too.

So here are a few of the pics they gave me:

A little foot:

Her ankles are crossed:

A side view:

It was so amazing to see her moving around! I think it made everything seem more real to DH too. The past couple days my belly seems to have grown quite a bit; but I think seeing her just had a big impact. We both couldn't stop smiling afterward when we went to lunch. He kept saying its a boy before; but he told me afterward he's very happy and he's a little relieved I got my girl. (I didn't care what we had at this point, and neither did he really, but I think most men want a son and most women want a daughter.)
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Congrats on the baby! (Tho I think a kitten would be a lot more fun, IMO. )
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Congrats on the baby! (Tho I think a kitten would be a lot more fun, IMO. )
I dunno Jan... we went through the clothse section and OH MY GOSH is all that stuff cute!! We bought her one adorable fleece outfit today and a lil 2 pack on Friday right after the ultrasound.
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Those are amazing pics! You can really see the details clearly.

Any name ideas yet?
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How exciting!
It sounds like she's doing the Macarena
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Originally Posted by Rianna View Post

Those are amazing pics! You can really see the details clearly.

Any name ideas yet?
We've got a few ideas but nothing definite. I like names that aren't too popular just at the moment, but aren't too out there either ya know? DH likes Isabelle and I think it's a beautiful name, but that's too popular right now. Besides that I'm due the same day as a friend of mine who's daughter is Isabella. I also like Janaya, Emma and Clara. But I'm sure the list will grow and shrink for the next few weeks or months till we decide on something. I like Sophie or Sophia, but that will always remind me of the Golden Girls (one of my favorite shows).

I used say that if I had a daughter I wanted to name her after forms of my Grandmother's names. But I really believe the meaning of a name has an impact on that child's personality; so that kind of put a damper on that idea. If I did, it would be Hattie Janaya (forms of Harriet and Jane). But Hattie/Harriet means "Home ruler" and boy does that describe my Grandma! Strong willed and stubborn!! I'm very close to my grandma (who has dementia and is in a nursing home now) and we are a lot a like; but I can't handle another one of either of us! I'm not as strong willed as she is; but sometimes my moodiness gets on my own nerves!
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How exciting! I'm not going to pretend to be able to see anything in those ultrasound pics though.
I wish you could've taken a picture of your friend's face when you told her it was a kitten!!
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By the time you are on your way to the delivery room, you may be able to relate to this thread
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both

I remember right after we found out we were having a boy, it wasn't too much longer & I was feeling him move around. It won't be much longer & you'll be able to feel those wonderful kicks and punches, around the clock

Keep us updated on your name decision!
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That's fantastic news. Congrats Congrats Congrats.
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I'm so happy for you! We didn't find out the sex with Ava but I had secretly been hoping for a girl Daddies have such a special bond with their little girls so it will be wonderful

As far as movement goes..I don't think I felt her till around the 21-22 week mark and then it was at least week 25 before I felt some good kicks and punches!

Congratulations once again!!!
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Wow, how amazing! You can see her little spine! Such an awesome thing to go through with your DH
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Wonderful pictures! I love looking at scans, it makes my day.

Oh, and congratulations!!
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Thanks guys! We are so excited!
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Congratulations sweetie!!! Wonderful news!!!
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.... Congratulations my friend!........
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