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Minneapolis/St Paul Pet Friendly Vacation - hotels & things to do?

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I'm likely taking a vacation to the Minneapolis/St Paul area soon - however, might need to bring the 12 lb froo froo dog along.

I'm having some success at finding pet friendly hotels....but I need to know pet friendly places to visit?

So far I read about the Minneapolis sculpture garden - which I think would be cool - and on one website it says the Nicollet Mall is pet friendly? (As a side note - I've never actually gone to MOA! )

What about "good" pet stores to hit?

I *cannot* leave her in the hotel room - primarily as I think it's wrong - but also because she's destructive & yappy when without "mommy".

I wanted to go to the zoo (appease my inner child ) , but I think they'd frown upon a dog!

If I don't take her along - what are suggestions of places to go that don't need to be pet friendly?
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Well, you gotta go to MOA!!!! Go on the Spongebob roller coaster.....that thing will give you a heart attack! I loved it. The mall itself is just a big mall.....meh. I guess there are some stores that aren't anywhere else, but mostly it's the same old same old, just bigger. There are some nice restaurants, though. Unfortunately I've never vacationed with pets, so I don't know where to go with a dog.
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I cannot ride any rides, I am get seriously motion sick & can't breathe - I'm too much of a sissy to ride the ferris wheel anymore.

Trying to hurry up to decide where to book - as it's labor day I might not find a hotel easy!
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Could you put her in a doggy day camp for a day so you can go to the zoo?
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Could you put her in a doggy day camp for a day so you can go to the zoo?
I've been considering that, as I know she would *love* it there - she's a social butterfly when it comes to other dogs! I'm trying to find a doggie daycare, then I want to check into them to be sure it's a "good" place..... Vacationing is so difficult!
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* send her on vacation to ID*
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If you are not a "shopping" person, forgo the MOA. It was built for 3 years before I stepped foot in it, even though I lived in St. Paul. I stayed less than an hour. Bleck.

The zoo is great, I did my thesis research there on the Prezwalski horses. But it is a ways out of downtown proper.

If you are going to St. Paul, visit Como Park Zoo instead. This used to be a sad run down place, but it has been redone wonderfully. They have a nice big cat exhibit with Snow Leopards that are amazing. It also has a really curious wolf pack that will come right up to you at the fencing (only a couple of feet separate you). Honestly you get to see the animals much better than at the MN Zoo. Como park Zoo used to be free, not sure if it is anymore. I haven't lived in the cities for 10 years.

For pet store, like food and supplies go to Chuck and Dons. That is my sisters favorite store, I believe there is one in the Uptown part of Mpls. I can as my sister if you like. She gets great deals on the premium foods there.

The sculpture garden is cool. So are the downtown lakes, just to go walking and people watching. It is amazing that the state record muskie was caught in downtown at Lake Harriet. I would never swim in that lake after that. Great place to fish though.

The science museum in St. Paul is amazing, but no dogs allowed.

I'll ask my sister tomorrow what are some dog friendly things to do. Also if there are any festivals going on. You going this coming weekend? This might be the weekend of the speed boat races on the Mississippi, right in downtown. They are wicked to watch.
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Have you searched "Pet friendly hotels" on google? I was going to link to some of the sites for you but there are just too many. I know you probably want personal references but there an inceasing amount of pet friendly accomodation providers in the US and the numbers are growing every day!

I just did an essay on it so it's fresh in my mind - Kimpton hotels are the winners for the "friendliest pet hotel chain" they take any pets from otters to gorillas! [Kimpton website, 2009].

ETA: Ooooops perhaps I should have read the entire post first.
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I LOVE Chuck & Dons pet stores.

So - still not sure what I'm doing, or what I've got planned. The como zoo doesn't charge a fee - but asks a donation of $2 per adult. Heck, I'll give 'em more than that if the place is decent & well kept. The MN zoo I want to hit to see the Africa exhibit - it's done soon....not sure what I'll do with doggie if she goes.
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