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Concord California!

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Our pot luck get together has been moved to Concord Ca. at Pixieland. I hope to see my fellow Californians this Saturday! There is stuff for kids to do and a duck pond. If you need directions let me know. I can't wait to meet all of you!
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If I were in California, I would go!!! But I'm clear on the other side of the continent!!!!
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If you were to show up I would put you up at my house! LOL I haven't heard from anyone as to if they are coming or not! Cassandra star is about 20 minutes away from where we are meeting and hasnt even posted one way or the other. I guess if I don't hear from anyone by Friday I will have to cancel.

We are out of work right now and I've been so excited about meeting folks from here, hubby has set aside some cash just for this! He is so sweet. I can't justify spending it if no-one is going though.

It's like having a birthday party and no-one shows up...I know cuz I have a sister that would sabotage my parties when I was a kid.

Well here's hoping!
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LOL Teresa, all the Abys I have found on Petfinder have been in Cali. I may have to fly out there to meet you and bring one home with me

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Very Cool! If it gets to the point you cannot make the trip, but want to pick up your baby, I have a lady that transports pets in the plane coast to coast for $150. She has them sit in the cabin with her so there is no cargo trama. She even supplies the crate for the plane.
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Wow!!! I may look into that, Teresa. What area(s) of CA does she cover? (I know it's a huge state!) I have been in touch with the Aby rescue about helping me with transport, but they haven't gotten back to me. It seems as soon as people find out the number of cats I have, suddenly no one is willing to help me get another. I have the square footage to support probably 15-16 cats without a problem, and my cats get treated better than some people's kids!!
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Kelley lives in AZ and transports pets in her spare time. She works for the airlines and this gives her extra cahs for her and her daughter. She can go to any airport her airlines cover, she picks up and delivers from airport to airport only.
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I wish I could come! It's our anniversary this weekend so I don't think my hubby would appreciate me driving up to Concord while he works and sits at home alone.
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Gosh, bring him with you! This is a family affair! I wish I had a big old kennel for the cats to hang out in at the park... Oh well Frankie will keep me busy while we are there!

Hubby and my anniversary is on Sunday! This is going to be part of my gift! What better way to celebrate than with friends at a pot luck/bar b que?
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Thanks, Teresa!!
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I would go but I'm in Georgia! Sounds like a great idea though!!
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If I had more notice I'd consider the drive from Utah. I've driven to L.A. before by myself and had a ball doing it! Love to drive .

Tammie & Peaches
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Any one who wishes to come is welcome! You don't have to live here in California! All Cat Site Members are welcome!
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Looks like I will have to cancell! No-one is able to make it and the gas prices are so high right now, so I will concentrate on our Halloween Party!

Hope this is enough notice!
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i would love to meet up with you one-to-one in future, Teresa. i am kinda shy, and stay kinda quiet in large groups.. ulps!

Thanks for organizing!

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