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queen cat attacking dog

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there are two dogs in the house: one old and ancient 12 year old mutt, and one 3 year old 'puppy' -- it's the 'puppy' who is getting attacked by the 'queen' cat

ok the 'queen' cat and the 'puppy' have grown up together, they played together, etc.... so they have been friendly in the past, the horde of 6 kittens has been banished to the bathroom (a room that is 8ftx5ft) until they are all familiar with and using the litter boxes

in the past week the queen has attacked the 'puppy' about 4 times, for no apparent reason, at first i thought it was because the 'puppy' was getting too near the kittens and the bathroom (looking for the treats that don't come in the bag), but the queen has taken to attacking the 'puppy' outside and in other parts of the house as well, so i'm at a lose as to why, separating them seems to be the only thing that works, but i can't be home all the time to save the dog -- and there are times when there is no problem and they get along great......

i have to introduce the the kittens to the dogs at some point and time and let them out of the bathroom someday

and if she's being territorial she needs to get over it -- lol to bad i can't just tell her that!

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Is she spayed?
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she is going to be, in the next month, she wouldn't have had kittens in the first place if i had been aware of the fact the you could still fix a cat in the first few weeks of pregnancy -- i figured once she got preggers i was stuck

when we first got her she was an indoor cat, and some time during the spring she figured out how to get out, grrr, but with children coming and going all the time, i haven't been able to keep her in
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She can get pregnant anytime now, if she isn't already ( cats can get pregnant almost right after giving birth), so get her spayed ASAP & be sure you keep her inside....put 2 doors between her & outside if need be.

As for attacking the dog - IMO, this behavior is occuring because she is not spayed. Unspayed females are far more territorial & aggressive.
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The mommy hormones make them bonkers sometimes (ask any mom! LOL). Hopefully it'll even out once she's spayed.
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