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Just thought I'd share two totally random, useless, and quite unrelated bits of news about my kittys this week.

A couple of days ago, I came into the kitchen and found Max and Maggie intently watching the wood trim next to the patio door. A moment later, out shot this litte bitty skink (a type of lizard), flailing itself all over the floor in an attempt not to get eaten by the big, evil kitty monsters! Max was all over the poor little thing, trying to figure out how to get it to be still long enough to figure out whether it was edible. Of course, being a lover of all living creatures, I had to save the little tiny lizard. I ran to the cupboard and grabbed a clear plastic container to put on top of it so Max couldn't kill it. Then I grabbed a file folder and slid it underneath the container. Finally, with the lizard safely inside, I carried my little makeshift critter catcher outdoors and deposited the skink under our shed. Now I have to figure out how it got into the house in the first place...we must have a bit of a crack around the patio door somewhere that it slipped through...have to get hubby to fix that before something else tries to get in!

Second "exciting" piece of news is that Maggie regurgitated a hairball the size of a small mouse today! Ick! She has been having alot of trouble keeping her food down lately, so I've been feeding her little meals throughout the day. Well, now that this giant ball of fur is no longer in her little tummy, perhaps she will be able to digest her food again! At least she decided to deposit her "gift" for me on the linoleum instead of the carpet like normal. Thanks, Mags!