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Fried Green Tomatoes

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my 85 year old neighbor grows tomatoes every year which he gives away to the neighborhood. i remember hearing about 'fried green tomatoes'. i know there's a book out by that name. has anyone here ever eaten any or knows of a good recipe for them?
from what i remember green tomatoes and potatoes are supposed to be poisonous. i believe they're part of the nightshade family of plants.
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Green tomatoes arent toxic at all. There's also a movie Fried Green Tomatoes (based on the book).
I just dip them in milk and bread crumbs or flour and fry them in oil until. I don't love them but I do like them. I can never bring myself to pick my tomatoes while they're still green though!
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We never bothered with the breading. Just sprinkle generously with sugar and freshly ground black pepper and fry until they are tender. Oil is fine, but butter is nicer.
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If they're juicy enough, you can just dip the slices in flour and fry them. I usually use ripe tomatoes rather than green ones.
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My mom would dip them in cornmeal batter then fry. Several technigues have been listed. Try them all!
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My mother used to make mincemeat for pies with green tomatoes.

Mom Widmayer’s Green Tomato Mincemeat

3 Cups Ground Green Tomatoes \t
2 Cups Ground Apples (Solid, Tart)
1/4 Cup Lemon Juice \t\t\t
1/4 Cup Molasses
1 Cup Brown Sugar \t\t\t\t
1-1/2 Cups Raisins
1 Teaspoon Salt \t\t\t\t
1 Teaspoon each Allspice, Cloves & Cinnamon
3 Tablespoons Browned Flour \t\t\t
Cold Water

Mix Apples, Tomatoes, and Raisins and Cook for about 15 minutes. Add all other ingredients except Flour and Cook for about 10 minutes. Brown Flour in skillet. Add Browned Flour to enough cold water to make a thin paste. Add to first mixture, cooking and stirring for 10 or 1 minutes. Be careful not to burn. Ready for pie or to can. Can be doubled or tripled. One quart makes a pie.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
We never bothered with the breading. Just sprinkle generously with sugar and freshly ground black pepper and fry until they are tender. Oil is fine, but butter is nicer.
i've tried your recipe first and a BIG THANK YOU. it's so easy and fast and turned out delicious.
mrblanche, i'm going to try yours in the near future. i've never had mince meat before but it sounds great.
hubby wouldn't even taste it. i feel so bad because he has ulcers and can't eat any acidic foods or anything spicy, hot etc.
i don't eat chicken, he loves it. i love salmon, he doesn't. i'm getting frustrated because i'm running out of ideas for dinners
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Notice that there was no meat in that mincemeat, just fruit! But, like so many unusual foods, some people love it, some hate it.
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I love fried green tomatoes and have to beg for green ones. Nobody wants to part with their green tomatoes. When I do get some, I just slice and fry in butter. Then salt and pepper them and have them with a crusty bread with lots of butter.
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I make them wth breading
I like to dip them in sauce.
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I do them in a egg wash then dip in a mixture of flour, salt, pepper and a little chili powder. I use the same method for zucchini and will often pan-fry a batch of both in a mixture of 1 part butter/2 parts veg oil.

My grandmother also use to make the most fantastic green tomato relish but unfortunately she never wrote the recipe down and none of us since have ever been able to make it quite as good.
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MMM there's a BBQ restaurant/beer bar in Seal Beach near where I live called Beachwood BBQ, and being a vegetarian, the only thing i could eat there was the FGT salad. Then one day the owner said he'd make me a FGT sandwich if I wanted, and it was yummy! Then when they took over the store next door to expand, they expanded the menu and included the sandwich on there too. Basically it's kind of a caprice sandwich with fried green tomatoes instead of red ones, they do fresh mozz and fresh basil. The salad is that way too actually, with either a tabasco vinagrette or an herb vinagrette dressing.

I never tried making them at home though, so while i have no recipe to the actual FGTs, I can only offer ideas from experience..
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They're really popular down here in the South. A lot of people like them with ranch dressing! (Fried pickles are good too!: yummy That being said I try not to do fried stuff too often! If you like tomatoes though, definitely try sun-dried tomatoes sometime...they're awesome on a good cesar salad!!

There's actually an amazing movie called "Fried Green Tomatoes" based off of the book. You should really rent it's wonderful!!!
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